what do we think about this , no reviews on the internet so reddit will lmk

  1. Please don’t. I had an I.O AK-74 a few years ago and I regret it. Have their quality control issues been addressed? I have no clue but I wouldn’t take the chance to buy another one.

  2. So I’ve heard there were issues with the VSKA having bad rivets or something, but the Thunder ranch VSKA rivets are S7 steel.. so wouldn’t that be good?

  3. I've had some shitty guns but the IO was the worst of them all. Weird wear patterns, fed from only one mag of the 8 that I had, rivets weren't pressed all the way and had slop, canted front sight. Just absolute dog shit.

  4. I wouldn't touch another IO with a 10 foot pole and someone else's dick on the end. Mine wouldn't eject reliably, somehow got a cartridge behind the bolt, and had a front site post so loose you could play Foosball with it. Not to mention they have the worst reputation of any brand I've ever heard about.

  5. If it's made from Bulgarian parts and you can get it for less than 800, buy it and have it rebuilt on a new receiver. It's essentially a Bulgarian parts kit.

  6. It depends on the price. Bulgarian parts kits are stupid expensive now so treat it like a parts kit and try to get it stupid cheap like 500. Then have it taken down and rebuilt by a competent builder.

  7. Hell no, atleast parts kits come with good parts. Nothing on this gun is good. If you can't get it for less then 200$ don't ever buy one. Almost nothing is usable on these. Trunnions are garbage, barrel is shit, and the piston is shit. These are meme pieces or if you MAYBE need a receiver for a build and ya wanna be hipster about it.

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