Alright Bruv, what model of Zastava is this? And would we want it 🤔

  1. Interesting, I was just looking at the M21 on their site. Do you know if there's a particular reason for it not having a rear sight?

  2. Dude Everytime the zastava Reddit post I comment about the new, the guy that runs the account says there is something is in the works , idk but here's to hoping I would love a m21 shot one in Mexico and that's what I was carrying around the ranch hell of a rifle

  3. Would ya look at that! A Holosun in "duty" use!?!?!?!? Proposterious! I was told I needed an aimpoint if i was serious about my life. Also, where is his mOOnShInE cloud light? Will someone tell this pleb hes gunna get clapped in those streets without the proper candelas!!

  4. To be honest, the Holosun stuff seems to be heavily liked and used a lot of Spetnaz and contractors. There's a lot of photos of them using in training ops.

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