Trading Uzi for Century M74 sporter?

  1. Although it’s not an import, KUSA teased their AK74 recently. And just because AK74s are in short supply doesn’t mean you should settle for a meh build, especially when it means trading away am uzi.

  2. The M74s aren’t meh, they’re awful. Very questionable build quality and barrels that aren’t even chrome lined. No thank you. I agree with not trading a highly collectible AA Uzi for a trash rifle.

  3. I don't know the market on Uzi's so I can't say if the deal is good or not, but it's 50/50 on those century 74s from what I understand. Some are fine, some have 5.56 barrels because century ran out of 5.45 barrels so they did a line of coke and said close enough. If you can shoot it before the trade and it's accurate it should have the right barrel, the one person I talked to that got one with a 5.56 barrel said it had big groups at 100 yards. Other than that typical century problems, check your headspacing and rivets.

  4. The market prices of Uzis and parts, especially legit Israeli or German stuff, has doubled or tripled in the past few years. Semi bolts (especially complete) can go for almost a grand now, and parts are harder to find.

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