Will Smith about bald people.

  1. Half the jokes on Fresh Prince were Will making fun of his uncle's bald head and the other half were Will making fun of his uncle's weight. Just saying.

  2. I remember there was an episode in season 1 where he's about to hook up with a girl but notices she has a wig and is bald under and also has fake nails, and it freaks him out so much he stops finding her attractive.

  3. I think we can safely blame the writers of the show for that one, unless Will was a writer of course.

  4. But it was long before he matured and married jada and it was definitely before her medical condition, which is causing her significant hair loss

  5. I'm not really trying to take anyone's side, but tbh digging up old clips about someone like this proves nothing, people grow up and learn over the years they live, just because he said some jokes years ago doesn't mean he still will, and I'm not sure but where they even jokes about someone with a hair condition?

  6. To be fair, I’ve made plenty of comments in my past which I’m both embarrassed about and would be offended if someone said to my wife. I’m saying that, probably not ‘slap someone in the face’ offended

  7. I agree, plenty of dumb shit I've said could probably come back to haunt me. That being said, I am also not someone who would assault the other over a comment like that.

  8. I too believe in self improvement, but I should at the very fucking least be understanding and give people a chance to improve when they make my same mistakes; he did not do that, he reacted violently to something he himself did.

  9. When a couple of guys, they were up to no good... started shooting shots inside my baby boo. Chris said one little joke and I didn’t care, til Jada said “go up there, or the sex tape gets aired!”

  10. I think the most ironic part of this whole freak out is that will smiths outburst suggests there’s something wrong with his wives shaved head. They’re both very insecure about it apprently

  11. There's more to the story. Will has probably been a laughing stock for being a coward and Chris was the first guy he could stand up to.

  12. Right that's what got me too. It just makes it seem like it's wrong for a woman to shave her head and that doing so is a devastating thing for everyone.

  13. Jada suffers from alopecia, and she has talked about how difficult it has been for her several times (not justifying Will’s outburst, just explaining what’s up with Jada)

  14. As someone with male pattern baldness I never worried about shaving my hair off and did it casually but now seeing all of the people joke about baldness makes me feel more insecure and it's hard to not think about that. I know it's jokes and all but the fact that it exists shows some kernel of truth to baldness being looked down upon...

  15. Are we really pulling out a clip from the 90s as a kind of gotcha here? He already made a fool of himself enough in the last 24 hours; there’s nothing left to prove.

  16. That and it kinda bothers me when people use examples of someone being shitty decades ago to show they're shitty now.

  17. I mean are we going to say that a human can't grow over time? By the look of this clip it's probably the mid to late 90s, so are we going to say he can't grow and change his opinion over 25ish years? Sure this aged poorly, but c'mon now.

  18. Yes because making a joke about someone being bald, and making a joke about the disease that made someone bald are the same exact thing. Oh wait.....

  19. He is a famous public figure, he could have easily said something to set the standards for which people around him operate so he does not end up in a situation losing his child like temper.

  20. Society imposes different beauty standards on men and women, and in that context, I think there's a huge difference between making fun of a man with testosterone-induced baldness and a woman with alopecia. Both suck, but the former is just kinda shitty, the latter is crossing another line.

  21. Ummmm even though it’s old it’s literally the same guy saying the same thing that he thinks justifies assaulting someone.

  22. Am I being a total dick but I wanna put the majority of the blame on jada for how will reacted. Get some toxic vibes from that women

  23. It’s clear he’s a small person. All the money, fame, and accolades and his wife still publicly humiliates him. Tries to act like a tough guy against a maybe 150lb comedian to gain favor with the same person that emasculated him. Cringe to watch.

  24. If he's "grown and learned" then he is even less justified in resorting to violence over a simple joke. If anything, he's regressed and stagnated.

  25. I agree. The guy that Will was making fun of was very wise and sensible not to overreact to a simple joke. Unfortunately we can't say the same about Will.

  26. Except being compared to Demi Moore in a pretty decent movie where she looks hot and shaves her head is hardly an insult

  27. I don't condone violence and Jada herself should've stepped up. But you guys clearly don't get why what happened is pretty shitty.

  28. No, no one should have stepped up, if you looked at her "baldness" it literally just a tiny line, if anyone should be unbothered by a bald joke, it is someone who has only 3 hairs missing, has a husband that wont leave even if you cheat and is filthy rich.

  29. Comments section not knowing that growing and changing over 3 decades means you are inclined to not make the same mistakes you made as a kid: HAHA GOT 'EEEEEM

  30. He wasn't pissed cause Chris made fun of his wife. You can see after the joke Will laughs then Chris says"Come on that was a nice one" when he sees his wife js pissed insinuating he could have joked abt how Will is a cuck then Will goes to slap him.

  31. This was literally THIRTY FREAKIN YEARS AGO! Assuming you're even old enough to remember it or were even alive 30 years ago, how much have YOU changed in that amount of time? Throw out the "evidence". Run along....

  32. Even worse part is it’s not just a bald person. The guy is a band member who openly talked abt having alopecia and Will still thought it would be a good idea to make fun of him. Then tells the crowd it’s just jokes 💀. Clip didn’t age well

  33. He even laughed at the joke Chris rock made until his wife didn’t find it funny also his wife even said she doesn’t care what people say about her bald head yet she probably told will to do something about the joke

  34. I hope he sees this. To be honest will smith was my favourite actor all my life until he slapped Chris rock. When I watched that red table talk shit I was like “come on will, how you gonna let her do you dirty like that. Divorce the bitch. She can’t even admit she cheated on you man.” He stayed with her (wrong choice) but I still liked the guy. I still loved his movies. I am legend, independence day, bad boys, the pursuit of happiness, enemy of the state, I robot,. And his newer ones. Hancock, suicide squad, bright, concussion. I watched almost all of the dudes movies. And now they’re all soured in a sense

  35. That wasn’t someone’s wife so it’s ok As long as someone’s wife isn’t in someone else’s moth I approve

  36. Alopecia is just a fancy term for patchy hair loss, there are no other consequences for this it is even better than male pattern baldness in the sense that the hair getting lost is less, her case was just a tiny line.

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