How to introduce someone to Aes' music?

  1. None shall pass is probably where you should start imo. It’s got a really catchy hook and the metaphors range from novice to expert, so most people can understand something good out of one listen. He also squeezes so much into each beat that you can really want to go back and try to pick up on parts that you missed. None shall pass is by far Aes’s crown jewel.

  2. Absolutely agree, the only song I ever got a person in my friend group to connect with, and to this day still the only Aes fan besides me.

  3. Hijacking to toss in Shrunk, Daylight, and we the people the American working population hate working 5 days a week to...

  4. I always choose shrunk. Most people I’m close with are familiar with therapy and can relate to it. It’s also a bit easier to follow when I say, “verse 1 is paperwork, verse 2 is waiting room, verse 3 is with the therapist.”

  5. A lot get a good laugh from “15 years of taking prescriptions now my shrinks like I don’t know, maybe get a kitten?”

  6. I typically choose between None Shall Pass, Kirby, and Gopher Guts for a first time depending on my audience. if someone says they "really like Eminem" I'll give them Fast Cars etc. if they're iffy on rap but really like folk I'll start them with Jambi Cafe.

  7. This thought has always been interesting to me because you usually get 1, maybe 2 chances to get someone to sit down and listen to a whole song before you’ve worn out their patience.

  8. Well in my experience people either get it or they don’t. I’ve tried every song I can come up with. Tuesday for hubby I who loves mycology and all I got was what TF. He hates AES so I lost him on that. My son loves pretty much any music that’s good he thinks Malibu Ken is his best Album. I think Zero Dark Thirty would be a great choice. But what do I know. I’ve yet to have anyone really get into his music like I have but I’m also 50. So yeah.

  9. I’d actually go older. No Regrets or 9-5ers Anthem. Then jump to Difficult to show the evolution. Let them pick out everything in between.

  10. Daylight is the answer. It’s not my favorite, it’s not nearly his best song, it’s not even a good representation of his catalogue, but it is the most user-friendly, easily digestible (as far as Aes goes), and closest to a “hit single” he’s got. It will draw in folks who might not be ready for the majority of his work.

  11. I tend to use No Regrets or The Harbor is Yours as an intro to him. Both are fairly easy to follow story-wise while still showing off his skills.

  12. I would start with impossible kid or Malibu ken. Make sure they can kind of understand the song on the first listen. But at the end of the day Aesop rock is pretty niche so be prepared for a "oh that is somthing..." lol

  13. Probably either dorks with rap genius up if that's not too cringe, but I got in from HMM so I think I would just start with jonathon and see what they think as the album progresses.

  14. If they like cats Kirby with the music video, if they like regular human shit, I’d pick Daylight/Labor/None Shall Pass/Fast Cars/BMX/Crows 2… shit idk where to start lol.

  15. I would 100% say Blood Sandwich. No question. If you want something approachable, don’t go for something like Shrunk or None Shall Pass. Blood Sandwich has a followable story, an easily grasped theme, and a nice groove. Don’t send someone into the deep end just because his best songs are very deep end

  16. To someone not overly adept at picking up rhymes/metaphors…Probably something off TIK. Choose between “Rings”, “Shrunk” and “Kirby”. I’d personally steer clear of “Get Out The Car”, but I can see why that’d be a good choice.

  17. Mystery Fish. I mean, I would choose Impossible Kid as the first album, since he explains so much about his own personality in that album and what he's about, so you can figure out where he's coming from. So to choose a song, might as well start at the beginning of that album.

  18. I started my girlfriend out with Heyyyyyyy Kirby. She didnt think much of it at first but slowly got hooked. Aes’ music isnt for everyone though and I think that has to be accepted.

  19. I think his first album is the best way to start. It’s not on any streaming platforms but hands down one of my favorite

  20. Long legged Larry and other kindve silly songs then start showing em the deeper heavier stuff. I gave up trying to get anybody into Aesop though. Too frustrating.

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