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  1. Last week I posted about still riding a wave after a truly incredible- like life highlight reel - trip with a new LDAP - but also sort of feeling down because I wouldnt see her again for a couple months at best.

  2. The distance is killing me. Our chemistry is fire and I wish we could meet up at least a couple times a week. Lucky if we will get once a month.

  3. I have been engaging with a new LDAP for a few weeks, and things are going quite well. Logistics to spend time together will be much more difficult than previous LDAP, but the EA we have started makes me feel that it will be worth the effort.

  4. I was a little bummed yesterday. AP and I were supposed to get together but his SO had a change of plans so we had to scrap it. I was gonna ride his face into the blue yonder!

  5. Last night had another amazing, five hour romp with my gorgeous LT AP. Just incredible. One tiny dirty thing he said has been ringing in my ears all last night and today. My lady bits are tingling every time I think of it (and I’ve been thinking of it allllll day!). 😊

  6. A flake came back want to rekindle...I didn't see his text after I told him off 8 months ago until he texted me on the app we met yesterday. It's like pull the bandaid off and realize the wound is still tender.

  7. I received a surprise visit (1.5 hour warning), from my AP yesterday. We should catch up next week because his wife is away for the week. Thought I might tease him on Monday morning and say that at x-o'clock my toys come out and if he wants to watch he'll need to be there. He's keeps asking to watch but we get sidetracked. Full moon here tomorrow.... the crazies have already been coming out.

  8. I don’t think you realize what you are saying. You know the British empire participated in the transatlantic slave trade right? Are you saying where would those slaves be if left in Africa? I think a short google search of British imperialism will show that their colonization efforts NEVER resulted in more freedom for the native population.

  9. She lived a great, long life. I haven't seen pissy people around me but I've already had enough of the TV channels doing show after show after show (maybe I'm the pissy one????)

  10. Really not sure how ppl inferred "if the colonization didnt happen" to me actually sympathizing with the Brits. But everyone's opinions are their own.

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