An SOS from my eyebrows

  1. Following to see if anyone has advice bc I have the exact same issue! Not with hair, but I pick my skin excessively and find my meds make it much worse/harder to stop. Don’t have any advice myself, unfortunately, but you are definitely not alone!

  2. I got mine microbladed. Most people can’t even tell it’s tattoo and not actual hair. I know that doesn’t help the urge to pull but it helps with self esteem. At least for me it does.

  3. Well I’ve had some success replacing my skin picking with flossing twice a day? I know that sounds weird but I kinda sit down and floss in front of my macro mirror and it’s really satisfying watching all the gunk get picked up and removed so it satisfies the “cleaning” urge that makes me pick. Granted I still pick at my skin but it’s significantly reduced

  4. I do this too. Thank God for eyebrow pencils. I also pull out any hair at the bottom of my hairline that feels “wrong”.

  5. I don’t have any ideas on how to stop, unfortunately. But when I told my doctor my hair pulling got way more frequent when I started Dexedrine, he mentioned some meds can make things like that worse. I’ve just switched to Strattera and don’t feel wildly different but did notice I didn’t have the urge to feel around for little pokey hairs to pick/pull at the last two days. (Could be lack of Dexedrine though)

  6. I have this too, Trichotillomania. Something that helps is to put a ton of Vaseline or a smudgy brow product. keep your hands busy in another way too

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