Does masking get harder as you grow older?

  1. For me it got harder as I grew up because of the added responsibilities. I married, got my own house, I now have a baby. Each of those steps add more and more things you need to do and remember. This is probably why my anxiety has gotten worse as well, to compensate for my ADHD.

  2. My ability to give a f#ck is diminishing as I get older. I used to need to prove myself, prove I liked things etc when I was younger. Other kids can be cruel and I wanted to be liked, I wanted to fit in. But I just don't give a f*ck anymore. I like what I like for me and don't give a f#ck if anyone else likes it or believes me. I like who I like and they like me back, despite my flaws. Or maybe even because of my flaws. Edit, formatting

  3. Your brain aging leads to cognitive decline, which makes everything a bit more difficult. EDIT: of course this is offset by having more experience in things, but masking is a lot of work for your brain, it will probably at least become more exhausting

  4. I’ll be 40 in February and I still find masking in public to be easier than not, but the amount of time it takes for me to recover is getting longer.

  5. I’m not diagnosed, but want to Get an assesment. I’m a bit worried about that my symptoms have become increasingly worse. Like I «got adhd after x age», which is not possible. But I seriously feel I had more energy before, and that Made it easier to soldier on. I’m just more and more exhausted. Maybe it would be easier with a diagnosis so I knew that it’s just not me being «weak».

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