I wish I had known about straterra sooner!

  1. I’m hopeful I will get the same effects! I’ve been on Dexedrine for 8 months but I’ve been having trouble with increased hair pulling (apparently can be linked to stimulants) so my doctor is waiting on results of an ECG and blood and then hopefully I can switch to Strattera. I hope I get the same benefits you are feeling!

  2. I am considering Straterra. I heard that it could take a while to work? Have you experienced any side effects, is it sedating and does it help mood st all?

  3. I’m only 3 days in, but it’s definitely helped with my mood! The first day I actually didn’t hate the world at the end of the day. I didn’t even realize how bad my mood had been until it wasn’t anymore

  4. Thank you for sharing your success. I just started Straterra today, 25mg twice a day. When you do all normally recommend taking them? I’m nervous and excited.

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