What's your "I shouldn't have said that" horror story?

  1. I put my foot in my mouth ALL the time. Its like a super power πŸ™ƒ. I think one of my worst work-related gaffes was at my very first job when I was in high school. I was venting to a coworker and said, about the boss, β€œI’m about to walk up to him and say β€˜BITCH, I QUIT!’” A look of horror crossed her face and I turned around to see him standing directly behind me.

  2. That is funny. It's only ruined it for her because of her own decision there. She knows it's Maple leaves so eh, she decided to have a problem. A good one to chuckle at.

  3. Oh no!! I hate trying to figure out if things are supposed to be jokes and then how to respond to them...

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