Can we talk milk in bags and adhd

  1. When I was a kid the corner piece would always end up in the scissors drawer because everyone but my mom has adhd. At least once a month she would dump all the little triangle plastic pieces in someone’s bed as a deterrent but it didn’t work. To this day when I go to my parent’s, I find the corner of a milk bag in the scissors drawer 😂😂

  2. Did you live at my house? I'm the only one diagnosed and could.not. put the little corner in the garbage. It became a game and pissed my mother off so much I found some small pleasure in it (there are other issues so it was warranted!). I thought I was the only one!!!

  3. Damn how much is the price difference? I mean is it worth the hassle of buying bags instead of cartons? Never knew this was a thing since i am from europe

  4. There are 1 and 2 litre cartons. I buy that as I live alone, but the 3L bags are the cheapest if you have a big household.

  5. We have cartons too lol I didn't know crossing the border for milk was a thing in Canada and I don't know what's their excuse 😂 Just wanted to save money I guess

  6. Canada has serious corporate welfare in the form of the milk board (and others) so our dairy has always been more expensive.

  7. We keep our milk in one of the veggie drawers. It holds 5 bags easy, 6 if you really Tetris them but hopefully the pitcher's empty so you don't have to. Easy to deal with, keeps them protected, and our kid will never let us forget about the milk, unlike the veggies that would rot into ADHD tax if we put them in there.

  8. Can relate. I drink so much milk every day it’s gross. I need my mochas to function. I go through bags and bags and bags each week. I remember moving from ontario to BC and seeing the jugs of milk and thinking the 1L jugs were THE CUTEST! But hauling the 4L jugs home sucked major ass. I was a barista decades ago and still break the plastic tag in half instead of unclipping it (faster when doing a milk load), and i clip off both corners of the bag so it doesn’t tip. I used to have this little cutter tool when I was little that I swear was a Canadian invention. It was only used for milk bag corners!

  9. This is fascinating. I’ve never seen bagged milk, I can see the pros but also the ADHD cons. I’d have little corners everywhere too. 😂 my daughters been really into freezer pops this summer and I’m shocked at how many little cut tops I find all over (from me, she’s 3 so not cutting them herself yet)

  10. I'm an American, and I knew bagged milk existed. But istg, I thought you poured it from the bag into a pitcher or jug and then disposed of the bag. I honestly don't know if this makes more or less sense, but I feel bad for you 😅

  11. Me too!! I’m curious about why one wouldn’t just pour the bag into a jug because it seems like such a huge hassle to pour from a bag in a jug… and where does the jug come from? Is there a milk starter pack out there??

  12. Lol, you’d think, wouldn’t you? But no, just a sad, lidless, frictionless jug that I swear helped the belays slide out except when you got that one perfect pour that just worked

  13. Nope, sometimes if you don't whack it hard enough to get in, the top of the bag is super floppy when you pour so you can accidentally upend your entire 1L bag into your coffee if you don't also hold the tip.

  14. Bagged milk is such a pain to deal with!! To make it slightly easier, I just cut open the bag and pour it into the pitcher when I’m ready to use it.

  15. Oh man. We had these as a kid and I didn't realize that 20 or so yesr later, it was still a thing lmao.

  16. I live in Quebec and we just buy the cartons, it’s worth the extra cost for us as we don’t use a lot of milk! (I thought it was just me that struggles with the bags though because I’m not Canadian and didn’t grow up with them)

  17. Can you change the process to make it easier? Maybe ditch the jug and dump all the milk into an easier container to deal with?

  18. I briefly bought bagged milk before I switched my toddler to almond milk (dietary reasons). So glad we no longer bother with these!!

  19. That really sounds like a hassle! I wish we had bagged milk because my husband drinks so much milk I could use the savings but I always envisioned putting it in one of those cute glass milk jugs. That or using one of those clip-on spouts!

  20. This takes me back to my childhood visiting relatives in Ontario… it makes me think of Smarties and describing calories as “energy”.

  21. YES. Nothing else to add but yes lol. And it's literally cheaper to get 4L in bags versus 2L in cartons - the 2L carton is more expensive than 4L in bags!!!!

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