"But you've done so well in life, how can you have ADHD?" Me: My mental health is in the toilet, so there's that.

  1. It is sad how true this is and I should know, I am living this rn lol. It's depressing seeing my school grades slowly plummet, knowing I can do something about it yet no one can be bothered to look at me drowning and help.

  2. Malfunctioning ghost in the malfunctioning shell is how I feel right now with ADHD + an obnoxious muscle injury…

  3. the WHOLE reason I got properly diagnosed is that I wanted to be better at my job. going to get the pills on the 10th

  4. Same with kids, no one gave a shit until my son couldn't "be good" at school. Screw all the social failings and ostracization, that poor teacher!!!

  5. i was just like that. so afraid of messing up or else id get yelled at or get hit (i feared getting yelled at the most funny enough). looking back its so odd i never had any rebellion whatsoever as a kid, everyone regarded me as the good kid. and another funny thing is that now i realize that a lot of the things i got yelled at for was becuz of adhd. like id get yelled/hit at for not being able to find something they wanted (even when right in front of me) or forgetting some detail soon after they told me. my adhd never got realized until 16/17 when i casually said it took me like 8 hours to do homework loll.

  6. I'd say I am pretty successful, but I got really lucky genetically I guess. I was pretty much the exact opposite of you. I would plan to study a couple days before a big exam and end up bargaining it down to 2 hours before on the day of the test. I always ended up around the upper 30ish percent in the class and would have people scoff at how it was so 'easy' for me... Little did they know behind the scenes I was a mental wreck for 3 days eating only snacks and not leaving my room.

  7. Yeah, totally! I fought going on meds for about a year and a half, trying every other option like exercise, supplements, whatever. Then 10 minutes after my first adderall I was like, HOLY SHIT!! My brain can work this well?!

  8. I feel that. I've been doing a 3yr course for 6yrs because of adhd (as well as autism). Still undiagnosed but I'm saving up for the screening which requires me travel to another city.

  9. My mom told me there was no way I have adhd (guess who I got it from =D) and then I was diagnosed and she started saying she had always known. But my mom is weird as fuck.

  10. A girl I used to go to college with was like this. We're still friends but I think there's a mutual silent agreement we're very incompatible in duo or group projects. She's very aware of mental health tolls and whatnot, but somehow she couldn't fathom I couldn't hold myself to her standards with my ADHD. We had 3 months for a project, she expects me to get half of it done within the first week. No.

  11. I was diagnosed with adhd in the first appointment with a psychiatrist. He asked questions about my early live and I said I dropout of high school, never had good grades, he talked a bit and diagnosed me, it was like 30 minutes appointment. My friend is a college student, very successful person and her adhd diagnosis was only after 1 year of therapy and appointments with a psychiatrist. Lol.

  12. i means its already named after the symptoms that annoy other people the most, it's not surprising that its diagnosed by that too

  13. I am so scared i wont get a formal diagnosis because i am just above barely functioning in life. Like i have a job and a relationship so i must be TOTALLY FINE RIGHT?!

  14. Obviously my advice won't be great since I got re-diagnosed as an adult. But also had the "shit I finished school and have a job and I'm married" imposter syndrome.

  15. Tell the doctor how your adhd inconveniences your bosses/teachers/partners/parents. Forget the lifetime of complicated workarounds you’ve created to stay afloat. Describe what happens when you don’t go above and beyond to manage your own brain, and how difficult it makes things. That’s all a prescribing doctor cares about.

  16. fwiw, the place that I was sent to for testing actually thought I don't have adhd, and tried to say I just over-report everything and basically tried to invalidate every struggle I have.

  17. I was diagnosed after I'd completed a PhD in engineering and gotten a tenure-track faculty position. "You seem to have adapted well". No, it was hell...all of it.

  18. We have had so many issues getting my son properly addressed and diagnosed with ADD/ASD because he wasn't usually disruptive, so he was continually moved to the bottom of the wait list. Then years later - still going through the process - he was pushed to the bottom of the psych wait list because he wasn't a suicidal teen. Paediatrician was exasperated, said look I'm pretty sure he's both but I can't sign off. He's now an adult, and still not finalised.

  19. I'm so glad I found y'all. I've had folks in the past compliment me on how "organized" and "responsible" I am, and how I seem so on top of things and it always made me feel so crappy and I couldn't explain why, even to myself. I didn't feel like I was on top of things, I felt like the chaotic mess holding everything up from the bottom and that I was on the verge of collapse at any moment. My work inbox is a mess, and don't get me started on my house. Coworkers come to me thinking I have all the answers and my boss, in my recent performance review, complimented me on how "calm" I am, and how she appreciates that she can give me any task knowing I'll handle it. Meanwhile, I'm panicking on the inside. I nearly flunked out of college, I had to retake several courses over just to graduate, and in order to graduate on time, I had to take summer classes, so I have even more debt than I wanted. I am barely on top of anything.

  20. I don’t really know how it is outside the uk but in the uk I spoke to my gp who referred me to the NHS ADHD service after like a 10 minute chat, admittedly I had to wait on a list for like 10 months after this which sucked but once I did I had like 1hr 30mins zoom call with a guy on the adhd service whos questions seemed to mostly cover everything not just what affected others and then that was it I was diagnosed.

  21. Yeah I think so, I spoke to my GP and was referred to an access team who did a phone assessment with me, then a home visit for an in person assessment that my dad also needed to be present for as most the questions were for him regarding my childhood. Then I got referred to the ADHD team where I have been on the wait list for just over a year of the 2 1/2 year timescale.

  22. The fact that until we got the new ICD-11 THIS YEAR multiple questions when diagnosing ADHD in Denmark was phrased as "Has people told you.." was just awful. Look, I am 26, I have learned to mask. People won't see how I feel inside unless I let them. When I was rediagnosed with autism at the same time, the psychiatrist also told me, she had doubts about me being autistic because I kept eye contact. I am 26. I do theatre. I can pretend. Doesn't mean it is easy. If just psychiatrists had listened to me when I was 16, I wouldn't have had to wait through trauma and another 10 years for a diagnosis and help.

  23. Oh no, that reminds me of the one time a therapist doubted my adhd diagnosis because in her opinion "I just wasn't hyperactive enough." Like, Jesus, if that ain't your field of expertise, keep your hands off it, that easy.

  24. Omg, that’s so annoying!! That shit boggles my mind. My first evaluator also said I wasn’t hyperactive enough to have ADHD, cause I wasn’t bouncing off the walls. But later I was diagnosed with ADHD-C by a psychiatrist. Cause it just so happens hyperactivity manifests different in women, and turns into self destruction. Like skin picking and painful restlessness -_- almost as if societal pressure to take up less space & please others also impacts how ADHD shows in girls. Extremely frustrating how so many professionals don’t grasp that

  25. Try becoming a physician, then being told "It can't be ADHD because you were able to go through medical school"

  26. I very clearly knew I had ADHD by the time I was 8 or 9. It took until I was 14 and had a teacher, who was an adult woman with ADHD, to tell my parents I had the symptoms and I finally got diagnosed at 15.

  27. My mental health had the added benefit of post partem so there's that. I just think I'm a complete inconvenience to everyone around me.

  28. for real, if you wanna get diagnosed, talk about how much it hurts your working. can't focus on work, don't get enough done, can't organize and keep track of tasks, has trouble meeting deadlines or showing up on time, extreme stress from constantly being behind, can't sit still and has gotten complaints from coworkers about fidgeting noises etc. and BOOM, diagnosed.

  29. When I was getting my diagnosis my psychologist asked me about my apparent success. My answer was that the psychological cost was too high. The weeks and months at a time spent where I could only function in work because I could only think about work but I couldn’t interact with my wife and kids or in some cases even step out of the front door from the anxiety. Getting diagnosed was the key to getting away from a lot of that.

  30. Literally hid a coffee machine in the ceiling of a study room in a library at my school. It was the only place I could focus and I was there from dusk till dawn to get ..✨mediocre✨..grades 🤡

  31. It is not? The diagnosis is made based on how the symptoms negatively impact YOUR life, work and happiness, and on how much treatment would help you.

  32. Idk what y'all are doing but when i got diagnosed, i had spent time with my therapist talking extensively about how difficult life is for me. I certainly didn't sit there and explain how much people have said I'm an inconvenience.

  33. I got my referral put in for an evaluation with a note saying I probably didn’t have ADHD, because I was successful at work.

  34. “Your grades are good! You’re doing fine!” It took me 8 extra years to go to university and I am a nervous wreck 100% of the time but it’s good to know that I’m doing fine.

  35. I’m in Sweden and I’m on long time sick leave because of my mental health and my psychiatrist have said since I was 25 that I’m never going to be able to work and they intend on trying to get me early retirement because of disabilities basically. I got my diagnosis at 30 and was medicated straight away. I’m 34 now and the plan is still the same. I’m never going to work because I’m too damn broken and I have tried every treatment there is and it’s not enough. I’m still getting help and medication because my life quality is important.

  36. Just had the worst semester of my life, first time in college and get 2 Cs and a D out of my 5 classes and ruined my gpa

  37. In my case, the diagnosis came from how difficult my life was for me. Nowadays, it's still difficult sometimes, but, as my therapist says, now I know what I am, and I can deal with my struggles using strategy.

  38. Its easy to say i have ________ because a doctor told you and blame that for problems, there's nothing wrong with you and your identity isn't defined by what a doctor told you, you're more resilient than you realize, your environment is everything

  39. I feel this on another level. I’m an engineer with ADHD. No one knew until Went off my meds because I was pregnant….it’s thrown a pretty big wrench in my career.

  40. I hope you aren't implying our understanding of mental illnesses is archaic? Because thats just wrong. Our parents obviously got all their shit in line with a smack

  41. Yeah though for me I'd be fine if the medication actually helped with jobs and shit... it doesn't no matter how hard I try I can't justify giving myself ptsd shoveling snow at my last job or not even getting an interview for McDonalds

  42. Imagine, “wow Stephen Hawking, you’re so smart and have done amazing things for the science community. There is no way you have ALS because people that have any disability at all cannot, in anyway, be better than that of a normal person”. That’s what it sounds like and it’s wild that some people don’t see that.

  43. You can also totally destroy certain parts of your life to keep others going. So on the outside it looks like I'm a good grad student, but I made it thru by completely cutting out all romantic relationships. I've now had to learn (and struggle) how to be in a relationship in my 30s.

  44. This is soooooo not true. We don’t get diagnosed based on people, it’s based on the individual and there symptoms. The diagnosis progress isn’t some mass intervention where a bunch of people get together to talk about how your inconveniencing them. It’s to help you get reacquainted with your condition where you can actually live with your condition and use it to your advantage. People act like Adhd is a curse. Bro it’s a blessing. Once I learned how to process information that works for me and got a good job and married, I love my adhd. It helps keep my extremely focused on the issues that actually matter because I got a job that benefits from my adhd.

  45. This is true of all disabilities. Someone's issues are only issues until it causes problems for those around them. Then we label it and call it a disability. Or in the case of ADHD you label it and people don't care (anxiety and depression fall in here too)

  46. It took me a solid 18 years to realize on my own that I had adhd and no one cared or noticed in the slightest until year 17 when I stopped functioning "close enough" to normally. And even then the best they had to offer was to tell me to tough it out

  47. Yes, the same with me, I was diagnosed with ADHD because I was easy to get angry at and I dind't do well in school. I felt for a long time that I was only taking the medicine for the sake of others, not for my onw sake. When I stopped taking Retalin for about a year, I started on Elvanse back in November and now I am taking it for my own sake

  48. guess you say that to every medical professional that pushes to update the DSM then, as they think that they know better than the medical professionals that wrote the previous versions

  49. Stop adopting poor excuses for your behavior by identifying with a medical mind control diagnosis in order to validate your sense of a victimhood centered existence.

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