Battery after sitting for 3.5 weeks

  1. Unless your battery is on it's way out, you will be just fine. Used cars sit on lots for weeks at a time without being started or needing jumped.

  2. Disconnect it. But I would rather someone start it and move it. To prevent that and flat spots on your tires.

  3. Jesus this thread is full of bad advice Your car will be fine for that length of time. Imagine thinking your car can't sit for less than a month.

  4. It won’t be junked after 3.5 weeks, I’ve left my car almost that long in my garage while I was gone on a work trip. Is it the best practice? Not really, but it’s absolutely not junked after 3.5 weeks.

  5. Not sure about that. Gas is good for 3 months and I've always heard it's best to keep a full tank so you don't get water condensation in the tank.

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