Any idea on how to reset this ? I have a 2021 Accord and nothing seems to be obstructing any radars

  1. Yup. Check the connections on the little black box located in the lower front bumper cowl. Check for broken wires or if the unit is cracked.

  2. I’ve gotten this message before when hitting two animals on separate occasions. I’ve had that message pop up in the rain before even. Take it through a car wash and see if it goes away, if not you’ll have to go to the dealership.

  3. If you went through a puddle of water there is a chance that the radar is soaked you might need to wait a day or so for it to fully dry it happened to me before, else reset the computer by disconnecting the positive cable from the battery leave it like that for 10 - 30 secs then reconnect it see if that fixes it

  4. Did you get a new windshield lately? If so, you got the wrong one. Happened in my wife’s car. Windshield fit, but didn’t have the right access view.

  5. Wrong. Windshield has nothing to do with radar. Source: I recalibrate the vehicle cameras after windshield replacements for a living.

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