How do you access a journal if your school does not subscribe to it?

  1. Google it. Search on research gate. Email the authors directly. They will usually gladly forward you a copy of the article. The first page of the article including the abstract and author contact details are usually freely available.

  2. By Googling it you mean performing a Google Scholar search, which shows all available online versions of the article including places like ResearchGate, right?

  3. How about authors whose works are behind paywall? For my language research course our professor requires us to gather our RRL from ISI and Scopus journals only, and I can't find copies of them anywhere else. Will they still share theirs if I emailed a request?

  4. 1- In my discipline, my annual membership in our national organization grants me access to the journals that organization publishes. I log in and access through the national website.

  5. Authors are allowed to send author-proofed versions of the manuscript to anyone they want to, I think you could send the author of the paper a message and just ask for the final version they sent to the journal prior to publication online.

  6. Can you get access via inter-library loan? ILLiad is how I get most of what I need, but I know sometimes schools have to pay for these things and won’t. I’ve also heard of people emailing the authors and just asking for it.

  7. You’re welcome to PM me the article details. I’ll check if I have access… as an academic through my institution.

  8. There are often author's discounts to get a journal issue in which you published yourself (at least at Elsevier). Otherwise ask a colleague in another institution that does subscribe to the journal.

  9. Can’t you request it through your university library? Our librarians always get us what we need somehow. It can take a few days but they always get it.

  10. If all of these other suggestions fail or are too time consuming, you can also post an ask on social media to see if anyone you know at another institution has access to it. I've done that successfully a handful of times.

  11. See if your university has Illiad (one of the major interlibrary loan systems). Just google "illiad + university name" and the login page will pop up if you have it, and you can request online-first articles through that system.

  12. Ask friends? While I was still in grad school (big R1) my friend at a SLAC would regularly email me to download articles for her because her campus didn't have access. We're good friends so I didn't mind helping out.

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