I’ll admit it, I eat my ABV straight up. That’s right, I don’t do anything I literally eat it with a spoon and wash it down with water. Am I a monster?

  1. Aye Ive attempted multiple methods of eating it and they are all vomit inducing...and those gelatin capsules sound like a good idea until you realise you need to swallow a handful of them to reach the moon.

  2. I’d rather have a mouth of dry stuff than a glug of olive oil. I swear I heard Pavarotti used to do it though, and credited that to his voice - so I assume you can sing like an angel Kkrash?

  3. Yeah idk how some people are so averse to it. I'd rather toss it in a smoothie myself. But dropping it in some water and chugging it is easier for me than bearing through an entire gritty pb and j sandwich. Plus, it ruins a delicious pH and j sandwich

  4. I can top this… I neck a table spoon off butter, then a table spoon off just raw ABV. I do this every single day with at least a gram, really works but I must be a bit mad 😅

  5. Everyone tells you to mix it with butter or whatever food but your body is different. I also eat it straight or smoke it and that's what works for me so don't sweat it

  6. I guess there are some merits to doing it this way… at least you won’t taste it or feel the sensation of chewing it (dry heave)

  7. I can easily "top" that. I used to eat my abv raw while having a "pcv" treatment (type of cancer chemotherapy combination used to treat certain types of brain tumors). These were rough times...

  8. Whilst it’s easy to assume that we eat ABV with fatty foods like peanut butter to mask the flavour of the bud, there’s actually an important scientific reason. THC and CBD only become bioavailable in the digestive system when absorbed into fats. You’ll get a much more consistent, fuller, long-lasting high if you eat your ABV with some kind of fatty food.

  9. I do this also. I run my vape a few rounds at increased temps. Then, take the ABV out of chamber and eat, wash down with water. Easy, no prep, and seriously the taste isn't so bad.

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