New carpet zoomies

  1. My dog doesn't have fleas and occasionally does something like this, but with the neck and shoulders, against the floor next to the sofa.

  2. Yeah this gif is not very cute. It's pretty obvious the dog is suffering from some itch she wants to get rid of.

  3. My Basset Hound does this except with one ear down then the other ear. She's not itchy and there are no fleas.... She is just getting the scent on her if we've newly shampooed etc

  4. My dogs dont do it at all this cute or derpy (it really is a noteworthy scoot), but they dry themselves off a bit like this, rubbing all over their necks.

  5. Or he’s just putting his scent all over the new carpet. If they had fleas they’d be itching with their claws more likely.

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