Where all my tucson growers at? Check out this night owl auto. Got me considering on switching over from photo periods to autos.

  1. Wait til you smoke it before you praise it too highly. Not shitting on autos, but I’ve gotten blasted on crazy ugly photos and barely gotten high on some super frosty autos. All the old heads I know got crazy stoked during their grows, only to switch right back to photos after their harvest. Lot of em still growing with HPS and HIDs too though. Biggest thing for me is you can’t clone them, seeds aren’t that expensive but it really sucks not being able to save a keeper when you find one. That plant looks amazing though! Do you get your grow supplies in town?

  2. My friend. Why do you want to run your lights all day for Athos? Save the earth and electricity and grow better weed with photos

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