Happy Birthday to Warren Cuccurullo!! Born December 8th, 1956, in Brooklyn, NY. Work out Warren.

  1. Wasn't Warren the guy hanging out backstage with Frank in Baby Snakes, telling him how he wanted to be in the band? I remember thinking "you have a lot of confidence hearing Adrian Belew and thinking Frank needs another guitarist".

  2. If you read his Wikipedia page it’s quite interesting. He was a super fan who went to every show and apparently could play all their songs.

  3. Great guitarist but I’ll never get over the fact he has his own dildo lol and I only know because I once worked in a porn store once upon a time.

  4. "He impressed Frank Zappa by knowing the guitar parts to every Zappa song in the catalog, including the strangest sounds and most bizarre time signatures."

  5. Goddamit!!! One of our in jokes in college was saying “warren goes bareback” every time we ran into a Warren.

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