Yellowstone - Season 5 Episode 3 - Post Episode Discussion

  1. To be fair, I kinda don't know what Rip was thinking. Beth is the love of his life, and he just sets the other woman on her to see what happens? He's known her all his life, he knew shit was about to go down, maybe not so much as it did, but from how "all common sense and no nonsense" he is, it was still pretty goddamn stupid.

  2. As soon as I saw that bottle in Beth's hand I said out loud "That bitch about to get glassed" and 5 seconds later bam.

  3. Since Rip KNEW it was a bad idea to go to the bar, and knowing how Beth is, he should have tried harder to keep that gal away from Beth. But no, he let her walk right into it. That's two episodes in a row that Rip has made the wrong decision and they both could bite him in the ass in the future.

  4. Christina won't deal with him as long as he's dealing with the Duttons. Thats what she said S1. But I'd like to see whats happening too.

  5. It's my favorite too. The chuckle. The arrogance and confidence. There's a saying something like you can't be a prophet in your hometown.. and I feel like that's the thing with him. He's amazingly great as a lawyer.. but then he works for his family who tells him all his ideas are bad. It's insane. Like I yell at the tv. 🤣

  6. If he wins against her, he might develop the skills to deal with Beth. That is something no one on the show has really been able/willing to do. I'm actually hoping this happens. Jamie could have a great character arc.

  7. Fully agree. He really needs to choke that bitch too! Poison or something. At this point he could totally get away with it without the finger being pointed at him. I mean damn bitch has enemies across the globe practically......

  8. Beth's dialogue confirms that they are. 30 something year old woman with a 15 year old's mentality, zero understanding, zero compassion, rebellious, selfish and zero accountability. Aggravated assault 5-30 years but Beth will skip out of there because of John, meanwhile Summer is in prison for nothing. The writing is so fkng bad.

  9. Yellowstone turning into BethRipstone... I wanna see more Jamie and Kayce! Is it so hard to see members of the family talk to each other, instead of 1 minute dialogues...

  10. It was a shoe print from their horses. IF the Fish and Game guys had spent more time out of there they would have found the evidence of the YS guys leaving where the wolves were shot. They could have tracked them to where they tossed the collars in the river. It was a nice way to tie up that storyline without the boys getting in trouble.

  11. It was exactly like the scene where a man with no legal identity was investigated by federal law enforcement over the death of a bear and two foreign tourists.

  12. Why are they bothering with Angela and that Native American tension storyline if they (so far at least) aren't going to go properly deep into it and invest some time in legitimate dialogue on the situation? There is something there, but it just needs to be explored if they are going to do it. All of a sudden Angela shows up again and she's all pissed off, but for the most part she is extremely vague but loves hurling random 'burns' at Thomas. Taylor Sheridan really loves the 'sassy business woman type who emasculates every man they come across' character hahaha.

  13. Yes I agree with everything. Can’t stand Angela. The empty threats. No delivery. Every time she talks I feel the same way rainwater looks back at her.

  14. Every time she shows up I struggle to remember what her plotline is. Three minutes of mild threats a couple times a season doesn't make for a compelling character.

  15. So Beth orchestrates a business deal that basically gets the Market Equities Chairwoman canned, and she celebrates by getting arrested for assault in the most cringey way possible?

  16. So you're telling me that a random married woman hits on a guy in a bar who turns out to be married himself and she will go up to the guy's wife to do...what exactly? Beat the wife up to fuck the guy?

  17. She will end up in jail until she becomes the ring leader of the entire prison criminal organization after staring the gang leader in the eye as she lights a cigarette saying “I’m not locked in here with you, you’re locked in here with me” followed by using a combination of her sex appeal and wit to blackmail the warden for her release

  18. Yeah this show is fully shit. So much potential and this is what it's become, Even the addition of Jamie's father was brilliant but they killed him off because nobody must be a threat to the Dutton's and live. This show shouldn't have been called Yellowstone, rather The Dutton's.

  19. I've seen a million shows, but man...this thing must be on of the most immature, pre-pubescent 12 year old boy fantasy shit i've ever fucking seen, from the cheesy lines to the contrived series of events and just weird ass acting characters. Not sure if I ever told my TV "oh, get fucked" this much before.

  20. Maybe people are losing interest in it? I gotta say - I really like the political/legal stuff but this week was so disjointed and blah/filler. If it doesn't improve I think there might be huge viewership drop-off!

  21. It’s on a shit channel. I won’t be able to watch it until tomorrow when I can buy the episode on Amazon.

  22. I'm just having trouble caring anymore. Every episode has 45 minutes of junk footage and the rest of it makes no sense. All of a sudden Yellowstone went from being crafty and cagey and get away with anything to being so stupid that they kill Yellowstone wolves and think they'll get away with it by wrapping their tracking collars around the log. WTF. It's already been reminding me of the game of thrones last season.

  23. You have to have cable to watch it live. Younger people are on Reddit, younger people don't have cable.

  24. I still can't get over that John, Jamie, and Kayce each had 1, maybe 1.5 scenes, and were onscreen for maybe 5 mins a piece. Like...whoa. I'm not a huge Kayce fan but at this stage, I'd rather see way more of him than more of nonsensical stuff with Beth and the bunkhouse. Rip is always pretty good. I also wish they'd bring the Native Americans back much more directly into the show than as this side plot. Rainwater, Mo, and even crazy Angela are great characters! They should start clashing directly with the AG and governor's offices.

  25. True. Rip got Teeter back in (& John wasn't all too happy about that) but Laramie should've been kicked to the kerb. It was her skanky ass they were fighting over. (Train station visits aside)

  26. I was hoping she'd die after giving birth, but the writers killed the baby instead of using it to change Beth from a diabolical cunt to tolerable cunt mother figure aunt.

  27. Hey @ Taylor Sheridan, (Someone involved with Yellowstone has to be reading these and can surely get the message back to you.) Show is great but minutes 7-35 are really not what they used to be.

  28. Would it have really been that bad if they just told the forest service, "hey we shot these wolves on our land eating our cattle at night, we couldn't see the collar until we got close"?

  29. Well it depends on where we are in the the Yellowstone timeline vs reality. If it was before 2020, then it’s a huge freaking deal. Before that point, wolves in Montana were considered endangered and killing one violates the Endangered Species Act, with fine of up to 100k (200k for a business) and a year in prison. However, in 2020, a handful of states declared that their attempts to repopulate had been successful and the grey wolf is now only under conservation status. Some states allow hunting, and some even have a wolf hunting season.

  30. There's a huge difference in what is legal and what will outrage the public. As they said in the show, tagged wolves have facebook pages and fans who wear pictures of the wolves on their shirts. We have something similar here on the East coast with tagged great white sharks.

  31. Mo should be the new livestock commissioner. Totally thought that's what Kaycee's favor was going to be... "I need a job" was just dumb

  32. Isn't she a multimillionaire? Yet she insists on acting like an idiot, living in a shack and trying to self sabotage. Please let someone kill her.

  33. Anyone notice how they walked out of the bunkhouse in their cutup tees and their bunkhouse lounge wear but then showed up to at the bar all dressed up?

  34. I took it as Beth and Rip went up to the house to change and the rest of the crew went back to their bunks to change before heading up in what I assume was a few trucks.

  35. The guy in the truck died and Monica managed to start giving birth in the field away from the car? I dont understand how the baby died…she was already in labor and it’s not like the accident caused the premature labor. Was the baby goi g to die anyways cause Kayce even said that it was too early and she was only 36 weeks or something like that.

  36. More of younger John/Lloyd and bunkhouse scenes. Less of younger/present Beth please, don't care if it's part of her "plan" Pretty sick of Beth honestly

  37. I think this is the episode where I realized that the writers of the show really don't like women. The women are either like Beth or like Monica. The new woman they brought in to take down the Duttons (I forget the characters name) goes to the state capital building to meet with the DA and she wears a dress with a slit up to her hip??? A little too obvious and if they have Jamie fall for it, then his character is really effing stupid. Then, you have Beth - we all know about Beth. Then you have the chick in the bar, drunk and trying to pick up on men. You also have Rainwater's attorney who now wants to destroy him. Lastly, you have Monica who is victimized and suicidal.

  38. i liked it. I’ve liked every episode this season. The whole thing with Kayce needing to choose his destiny and can’t be livestock commissioner anymore is… stupid.

  39. Odd one out here maybe but I can’t stand Beth. Get over yourself and what happened and stop blaming Jamie. You put him in a bad position as well. What was he supposed to do? Not go through with it and you blame him for your pregnancy and everyone knowing or go through with it cause all you do is drink and screw everyone over anyways. She’s mad she never had kids but she doesn’t have time for them cause she’s selfish. Don’t blame it on what happened to her cause even when she was a teen she was the same way. Maybe tell Rip what happened and move on. She’s the one that ruined their chance at having a kid together. She’s the one that kept that secret from him that she was pregnant. It’s so over the top with Jamie. He’s not innocent when it comes to body count but come on. I hope this season moves away from Beth and John sees past Jamie. Let Summer out of jail and have a family meeting or something worth watching. They’re supposed to be a close family but I have never seen them all together or Kayce even speaking with Jamie.

  40. Does it bother anyone else that Rip is so firm in all aspects of his life (work, ranch, morals), but isn’t firm with Beth when she is acting like a child?

  41. He's been like that with her their whole relationship (the flashbacks also show this) shes his weak spot. Shes gonna get his ass jammed up one day, and he's gonna pay dearly for her tantrums.

  42. My husband is that way with me most of the time. A lot of people think he’s a huge jerk but he’s a marshmallow with me.

  43. Beth gets triggered by the chow triangle clanging and burns down the ranch, killing everyone there but Rip who offs her and the what remains of the ranch goes to Carter because who has a better story than Carter? Lol

  44. Beth is always power-tripping. Being in any situation in which she feels vulnerable is always dangerous for everyone around her. She says that everything she does is for her dad and the ranch? That's not true. She gets off on having all the power regardless of who gets hurt.

  45. Spent the first few season waiting for Casey to take over the ranch and they do him dirty like this. What's the point of Casey in this show anymore. Was once my favorite character and now they have ruined his story. Casey, John & Rip were the most likable characters through the first couple seasons, now they are showing way to much Beth and Jamie who both I don't care to much for. Will Casey ever come back to the ranch?

  46. Glad I skipped out on this episode. Listening to yall complain about this shit show is more entertaining than actually watching it.

  47. I like that at least Beth got a little punishment. And the show didn't try and make me feel bad for her.

  48. I feel like there was a collected "ohhh shit" that could be heard 'round the world the second that chick put her hand on RIP.

  49. This whole miscarriage storyline has been done with incredible poor taste. Are there new writers this season cause….. 👎🏼

  50. From a writing standpoint, I don’t really get why they made Monica pregnant in the season 4 finale just to have her baby die in the season 5 premiere. It would’ve made more sense to have her pregnant for the length of season 4 and then have the baby die in season 5 to make it more dramatic. It seems like they felt as if they wrote themselves into a corner and had to find an easy way out of having a baby on screen for a whole season or something

  51. Miscarriage? She delivered the baby and it passed away. Yes the story line is bad and Monica freakin sucks. But let’s get it right- she was in labor, had the baby and it died.

  52. I am trying to imagine this show without likeable, well known Kevin Costner who I have admired many years over in other roles in his life. If it was an unknown in the role of John Dutton, I would not still be watching it. I feel I am more willing to overlook the violence and murders the Duttons and their employees regularly perpetrate with no consequences to them because it is Kevin Costner. Just something I realized after this last episode.

  53. These threads are insufferable. Can we make a new sub for people who actually like the show?

  54. Have to say that was a disappointing episode. I would say Beth is over the top, but I've said that before... Although Beth in jail should be interesting. It does seem like she was set up and that woman targeted her and Rip. Other than that I don't have a whole lot to say about this week.

  55. I think Beth’s treatment here was really disappointing. Personally love corporate Beth but found this plotline less than convincing. Anyone noticed how the strong male characters always get away with their mistakes but the female characters are punished with unforced errors (unnecessary bar brawl, Monica being only born and raised woman in rural Montana who wouldn’t consider staying and waiting for an ambulance and having homebirth)

  56. I said this last week. Are we really doing a killed wolves season long story? Because if they are it's going to be stupid. Well looks like we are. How....stupid. Wolves, killers. Killing cattle on land they shouldn't be on. Cowboys took care of business. How is this a big deal? I don't care how protected they are. They're where they shouldn't be. And if their little gps collars can track them to the inch and are constantly monitored. And these rangers are soooooooo concerned about their well being. Well then knowing they're preying on animals on a ranches field. For fucking days as it turns out! Then do you're job instead of playing We are the world animal rights activist gestapo about their inevitable and deserved fate.

  57. To the wolves, it's not about it being illegal, it's about the outrage and public backlash it will cause. Out here on the East Coast, people are gaga for specific great white sharks that swim through waters and are tagged. When one shows up nearby, it's front page newspaper news.

  58. Flashback scenes with young Rip. Is it just me or does it look like Finn Little is playing young Rip? Also... young Rip looks amazingly like Carter. I have this thought in the back of my head like maybe there wasn't an abortion. That Beth's baby was adopted and young Carter is Beth and Rip's baby...? Thoughts??

  59. Anything is possible on Yellowstone. It will be the ultimate twist. SURPRISE! Beth had the baby and Jamie forced her to give it up for adoption, not realizing that himself was in fact adopted.

  60. I’m sorry but that’s absolutely insane. Beth was pregnant 20+ years ago. And she was only in her first trimester. If the foetus was removed from the womb intact, it would not have survived. Beth had a hysterectomy performed on her and there’s no real need to do an abortion before a hysterectomy.

  61. I don’t see the resemblance to Carter, but I do think young Rip looks exactly like Chris Penn in Footloose.

  62. Is the episode not supposed to be up on AppleTV yet? It just finished on live tv (caught the last minute) but not showing on Apple yet

  63. So Jackie Weavers done already? I guess she had better gigs to get to. Her replacement is very good. If you've ever seen House of Lies you'll be begging to see her and Beth in a room together.

  64. The last 10min of the episode were pure gold. Everything else was pretty "meh", but man oh man, the last 10min did make up for it. 🔥

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