I feel bad for laughing at this (chapter 5 XC3)

  1. If there's one thing I've learned from prison breaks in games, it's that there is usually a hole in the wall. Lanz is just being smart here.

  2. Doubt that would help as the bars are physical metal gates, not laser plasma futuristic stuff that would break without power

  3. Recognizing he would never have access to Eunie's dumpy, Lanz ventured forth in search of new booty. In furtherance of his goal, he tried to break out of the cell they share to lose his teammates for good...driving himself to break the wall by fantasizing about something a bit meatier.

  4. He knows that most prisons tend to put the most security on the cell door, this however can lead to the wall being the more vulnerable of the two. He's just being smart here.

  5. Honestly while I do “like” the desperation of this entire sequence… I absolutely loathe the trope that allows it to come into existence! I hate it when the bad guys can just switch off the good guys abilities as a whole, especially in a game such as XC2 where you mean to tell me that even though their weapons are magical anymore… that Morag (and Nia) isn’t capable of absolutely clapping those few Tantal soldiers? Like no! I don’t buy that! Their weapons are still there! They’re still physical objects! What frustrates me as well in 3, is that canceling the ability to Interlink is one thing, a thing I could’ve accepted… but somehow this also removes an intrinsic ability they’ve always had, their blades, and somehow renders them incredibly weak? That doesn’t even make much sense!

  6. I considered that it was pretty likely they had such kinds of abilities, considering their complete oppression over them.

  7. I laughed too. Got bad when my sister started laughing her head off when noah started crying. I asked why she was laughing and she said his face looked funny

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