Activision: We will 'fight' for the Xbox, Microsoft merger if necessary

  1. It's not just about the $60 billion, but also about employees wanting this. Even ignoring the work culture at ATVI, it was becoming clear that ATVI was gonna have to make some cuts and was in a bit of financial trouble before the acquisition talk.

  2. Man just let them fight Battle Royale style in Warzone 2, winner takes it all. Both heads going against each other and stream the match The International style.

  3. Im kinda confused. Sony is obviously fighting to keep cod on ps, off of gamepass and keep marketing rights for deals and stuff. So lets say the deal falls through whats stopping activision from cutting the deal with sony after their contract ends, add cod to gamepass and move their marketing with xbox? Isnt this a lose lose for sony?

  4. Microsoft : "be careful with the next words you chose" Sony : "this deal will be off" Microsoft : "that wasnt careful ."

  5. If the deal does fall through then microsoft will have to be really spiteful and be willing to lose a lot of money to get COD on gamepass. Activision make so much money selling it for $70 they would at least have to cover that and then all the people that convert. Probably why Microsoft chose to buy Activision so they at least get some revenue back for the money they put in

  6. Lol that’s exactly what I’ve been saying, if Sony actually manages to stop the deal (I’m still confident it will go through but with some concessions), Microsoft just out of spite may pay the millions necessary to get CoD marketing and Game Pass deals to screw with Sony, aside from buying other third-party publishers in a spree than don’t require the intervention from regulators.

  7. It’s going to happen in one form or another, but there may be some very specific language around call of duty availability. I’m not sure if Microsoft can afford to agree not to put CoD on game pass though. The entire point of the Xbox brand is service/apps/cloud. Not being able to include CoD on game pass would be a huge blow.

  8. Activision should just "sell" the CoD publishing license to Microsoft outright. No other company can interfere with sales of Intellectual Property and once CoD is firmly in Microsoft's control and out of reach beyond the existing contracts, Sony literally wouldn't give two shits about ABK and the actual acquisition would go through without a hitch.

  9. Which is why I wonder if Sony is pushing for a concession being that Microsoft must put CoD on PS+ as well as Game Pass.

  10. That will be an absolute non-negotiable for Microsoft. They're never going to agree to Sony demanding that it can't be, and no Government is going to force them into a sales model.

  11. If the deal goes through. It'll be on game pass. We'll have to wait until Sony's contract is up though because they have it so Microsoft can't add any COD titles to game pass. That won't be until 2024-2025.

  12. As someone who doesn’t usually care about cod or fps games in general, modern warfare 2 is actually pretty damn good. I understand why it’s a point of conflict if it made a casual like me really like it.

  13. The only thing in this deal I care about that is known is Diablo 4. Maybe some back catalog stuff but really wish they didn’t even bother and invested Billions in new AAA studios or something. I know they are doing it because mobile too but yeah it doesn’t appeal to me.

  14. All I care about from this merger is Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon. That's literally all that affects me. Call of Duty and the like? Do what you will with it haha

  15. Ya, I get that COD makes loads of money and is really popular, but I'm not really interested in COD or really any of the other IP's in Activision Blizzard. More excited to have that many more studios and the potential of what new IPs they could make

  16. Best to ignore this all and wait for conclusion. To many experts giving their take what will happen where some are 100% convinced this deal won’t go through.

  17. Not to mention how everyone on Reddit, Reset and Twitter has suddenly become an expert in business and law, after cramming in a few Google Scholar searches to fuel their argument lmao

  18. Don’t know of any experts who say it won’t go through. Plenty saying it will go through with concessions made though. In any case you’re right it’s not worth worrying about. It doesn’t impact gamers much unless you’re a total fanboy or something.

  19. From what I heard, a lawsuit is not likely to full up stop the acquisition as much as it is to force concessions (like Call of Duty staying multi platform for instance).

  20. It’s not. People in these threads create personalities and dynamics between companies as if they’re people. They are entities that are built to create profit and that’s all that matters to them.

  21. Well at the very least I think they’d ask for a whole lot more if Sony turned around and asked to buy them, or buy just COD anyway. More money than Sony would be able to put forward.

  22. Am I the only one that doesn't give a shit about COD and care waaaay more for titles like all the Diablos or possibility of WoW on Gamepass?

  23. I read an article today where Sony was calling out Dice and how bad battlefield is and that it could never compete with COD.

  24. Actually with SOCOM, I believe it's a Sony franchise. It hasn't had a entry since the PS3 if I remember correctly.

  25. Yeah I’ve wondered that myself. They should just go “ok” and make a new awesome SOCOM to grab some of the shooter player base, instead of just being lazy and wanting COD all for themselves and PSN+. Sure COD prints money, but SOCOM could too if they would just rebuild it back up.

  26. It is tiring, but it's also important. The arguments against this merger and Sony's involvement is a joke and it is going to have a big effect on these types of mergers in the future.

  27. It’s tiring only because we know the conclusion is so far off. All of it matters, and yet this won’t be over until March at the very earliest. I just want it to be done whether it goes through or not so Microsoft can focus on other stuff.

  28. It’s why gaming journalism is one of the stupidest terms to ever come out of someone’s mouth, they all say how console warriors are stupid while they use their articles to try and make themselves feel better about their plastic box it’s so weird and childish I’m genuinely wondering if this deal doesn’t go through how Jez is gonna take it, dude might actually just go off the rails and tweet 24/7

  29. I mean,he is a writer for windowscentral.Are you really shocked? None of these journalists tied to companies are unbiased like they say they are

  30. While I agree with you on Jez, as he’s literally a writer for WindowsCentral, he isn’t necessarily wrong with this comment.

  31. Well Politico has been proved to try to sell propaganda services to the Portuguese government in the form of news articles. Hard to take them seriously.

  32. Everyone is buying into these headlines too much. The deal is going through this summer, everything in the meantime is just bs speculation.

  33. Agreed. In my opinion they would only block this deal for political reasons. The fact is, Microsoft is very well positioned to buy a gaming company. I can’t remember the link but I recall Congress having praised them in the past for not being anti competitive. Still I wonder how enticing “most aggressive action against monopolistic practices” headline would be for them.

  34. If I'm paying 70 billion for a company, why should I acquiesce to the demands of my competition? Specifically a competitor who has no problem shelling out money to other companies to keep games away from my customers? "If you have an issue with my acquisition, out bid me." That would be my attitude.

  35. Activision: "If our buyout by Microsoft gets challenged by regulators, we will back down like little crying babies and walk off into the sunset".

  36. It is honestly ridiculous that this is even getting hung up to the degree it is. There is no way anyone should take Sony serious with this...period. They are literally arguing that MS should not be able to do the very thing Sony is known for doing...and trying to say that MS doing it would be bad for customers.

  37. The thing is, though, these regulators don’t seem aware of it, or are blatantly ignoring that fact. Does Microsoft owning Activision have an impact on console gaming? Absolutely. No doubt people will subscribe to Game Pass more now because of call of duty and all the ABK games on there. But you could say the same thing about Disney, buying Star Wars, marvel, and Fox. They bought it so that they could put them in their services to bump their subscription numbers. That’s literally the definition of competition. Does it hurt Netflix? Absolutely. But again, definition of competition. The regulators seem more concerned about Sony’s place and market share size than they do actual competition.

  38. If you haven't watched it yet I recommend watching Hoeg Law, he's a corporate M&A lawyer on YouTube who's been covering this whole thing since the start

  39. As an Xbox fan I personally hate the buying studios trend. Even if we benefit from it because Microsoft is the richest, I think it’s bad for gaming long term and we must keep it real even if we support Xbox

  40. Articles like this posted here always expose this particular subreddits bias, and its never in favor of Xbox. Strange so many Sony fans have to be in an Xbox subreddit. What happened here?

  41. Have you been on other corners of Reddit? The natural tendency of things is that conflict brings out emotion on both sides of a debate. Stir controversy and the post rises to the top.

  42. Concern trolls have infested this sub since the very beginning. It actually used to be significantly worse, the mods cut a lot of the cancer out but they definitely still tolerate some pretty prolific trolls, for whatever reason.

  43. Y’know. When Microsoft offered more than what was expected, and Sony STILL said no, I hope regulators come in and say “Sony, you’re being ridiculous right now. So, we’ll give you three years, which was initially offered, and you’ll have to make good with that.”

  44. I don’t see why there is so much adversity with this. Most Blizzard games are kinda meh now. Diablo 4 and Overwatch 1.5 aren’t really going to be console sellers.

  45. Activision has a lot of IP and talented studios, it’s just that they’re wasting as CoD support studios and IPs are kept in the freezer.

  46. Different games for different people. I don’t like any of Bethesda’s games. World of Warcraft is my drug

  47. It's also the impact to PC players as well. A big percentage of the gamepass users will be PC players and Diablo, Overwatch and Wow will be a big part of getting people to sign up.

  48. Not that it would EVER happen, but it would be funny if the deal was blocked and Activision stayed independent, they decided to stop bringing COD out on PS out of spite.

  49. While I get the jest in your comment, I do think there's something to be said about the relationship between Sony and Activision Blizzard and potential consequences, should they successfully prevent any meaningful part of this sale. I imagine some form of retaliatory action would occur, albeit in a way that can toe the line of legality.

  50. They wouldn’t stop releasing COD on PS but they sure as hell probably won’t renew their marketing contract with Sony, which is what this is basically about.

  51. It has everything to do with cod. It’s a $70B cod purchase. Without cod, no one would even blink at this deal.

  52. Damn this is a battle sony will lose either way lol . If deal will be through , cod on gamepass will piss sony so badly . If deal flops , microsoft and activision will be their nemesis forever .

  53. Sony doesn't anyway. They can just put forth their thoughts on it. The FTC and other regulatory bodies are the ones that contest the merger.

  54. The Activision Microsoft merger will dilute the creativity and quality of their games. It's a bad day for gamers when/if that goes ahead but its a great day for the C level bonus win ers in both companies. Microsoft stock and sales will jump. Activision blizzard execs will get golden parachutes.

  55. This whole time, I can't even understand why people would take Sony's side on this. Even after the merger, it makes Microsoft still only #3 behind ironically Sony and then TenCent in games publishing.

  56. What I find funny is that Microsoft and its supporters will cry about Sony approach to 3rd party exclusives while being silent on Microsoft doing exactly the same, who also were historically the ones that pioneered the practice.

  57. I think this ends with them agreeing to keep CoD off gamepass for at least a year or until the next games release. I’m not sure about the other demands

  58. 70b for basically cod and candy crush (actual money makers) and microsoft are not able to put cod day 1 on gamepass? Sounds like a bad deal

  59. They've already offered Sony a minimum of 3 full years of COD on PlayStation, which Sony has said is insulting and harmful and are demanding the deal is blocked entirely. Which is rich coming from them.

  60. They've already agreed to do that, as they've said they'll maintain existing contractual obligation Activision had with Sony, which was in exchange for all the marketing push Sony does Cod can't come to Game Pass before it comes to PS Plus

  61. Activision should say if the deal falls through they will give Nintendo and Microsoft exclusive access to Call of Duty.

  62. Good, show them to the most respectful people on Earth, the Japanese. They want to follow ancient rules, but when Microsoft twist a little the fact about Sony not respecting themselves, it's not ok...

  63. Shit at this point give Sony the name COD and let them higher a new group to make it. Microsoft keeps the studio and they develop a new named game from the same people, now just called bang bang.

  64. If I was Microsoft and Activision I’d just wait until Sonys exclusive deal finishes then Xbox just pay for it to only be available on Xbox and pc.

  65. I think it is disgusting that Twitter was allowed to be taken over by a single megalomaniac without any resistance but everyone is trying to stop Microsoft from buying Activision.

  66. At the start i didn't care about this deal but with how pathetic Sony has acted I hope it goes through more than anything.

  67. Regardless of whether or not the deal goes through at this point, after this I will always see the management at PlayStation as childish and petty. This is a clear case of "if I can't have it, you can't have it!".

  68. I’m more eager to know what their plans for WoW is. Will they add the subscription to game pass? Will they port it to console?

  69. They probably won't as they've not done this with any of their games. The idea if they want you to sub to multiple nesting services. Subscribe to Game Pass, and then subscribe to Fallout First(for example) In general, a game being on game pass doesnt mean anything about the actual mtx and such of said game.

  70. Blizzard likes to take their time making games. Microsoft’s diversified revenue would do well to support their type of game development.

  71. Someone needs to make a "I consent, I consent, I DONT" meme where the 2 consenting parties are Xbox and Activision and the I don't is Playstation

  72. Little do they know this whole thing was orchestrated by Sony and Microsoft working together just to get Bobby into the gladiator put with the lions.

  73. The only thing bigger than COD is probably GTA but I doubt Take Two would sell and Sony wouldn’t have the money to make it happen. Why not have Bungie make their own military shooter? At the very least it would surpass Battlefield given the bar is not that high.

  74. Day 1034. News outlets are still milking this story because there is nothing better for clicks than pitting 2 fan bases against each other. Tired of these articles. I wish there was a way to filter these in the news feeds because I literally don't give a shit what happens with this. Haven't played COD in eons and don't intend to anytime soon.

  75. This may be a dumb question but why can’t Microsoft buy it and do what the fuck they want with it ?

  76. Too many people are jumping the gun on this speculation. MS had to know there’s a potential for a lawsuit. They have some of the best anti-trust lawyers in the world. Take a deep breath and wait, chances are good that this deal goes through still.

  77. This whole fight is absolutely comical. It’s all centered around CoD which Microsoft is conceding every possible way to keep PlayStation included.

  78. at this point I dont even care anymore. I loved every modern warfare game that came out until MW2... That game feels like a wet noodle, you literally have to level up 4 different weapons just to get the monocle site to use on the gun you prefer. Im just super disappointed with it. I am no longer excited about activision going to xbox. they care more about stuffing their board members pockets than they do making a great game.

  79. MS and Activision shud threaten to cell the rights to COD to MS for lets say 10b... Instead of the whole activision.. and warn they will make it exclusive day 1..

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