Fell in love with this game so far. Prodeus is real underrated Gamepass gem.

  1. Tbf... games been in preview for like 2yrs now and on PC gamepass for over a year. It is just now getting another wave of love now that it's on console platforms despite being available to play for a good bit now.

  2. Then after a year or so, someone will play it the first time, enjoy it. See no discussion surrounding a year(s) old game and call it underrated gem.

  3. Week old? My man I've had prodeus for over a year on steam. It's criminally unknown in the realm of old school shooters

  4. Every achievement I've gotten in this came came in as the diamond "rare" achievement. Even the super early ones. Which I'd assume means most people who started it didn't stick with it past the first level or so.

  5. Does using a slightly wrong word to basically the same thing irk you? For me it’s when a group of people agree with the same comment, even when it zooms in on something basically saying the game was good. You are all just a hair better than grammar nazis.

  6. "Underrated" is part of Gen Z online lexicon which involves using words with actual meanings, but using them in a way which renders them meaningless.

  7. I think he meant a new game with no expectations pleasantly surprised him. I don’t think he understands what a hidden gem is.

  8. Does it run at 60 on the SX? I’ve got it for my steam deck but setting everything to low it still runs like shit, like it’s horrendously optimised.

  9. While doom 2016 was everything I wanted, doom eternal was not. Prodeus scratches that itch and then some! I can’t stop playing!

  10. Let's be real, it's probably someone involved with creating the game just trying to get people to buy it.

  11. Its definitely one of the better homage type games. Not sure it's underrated though. Seems like a pretty well received game.

  12. You can turn auto-run on in the options. I still agree that the binding isn't great, and I think it could be improved by making the binding toggle on/off.

  13. I have left bumper as secondary weapon, B as dash, and L trigger as sprint. I think I have DOWN D pad as map. This is a better config than the default. You can even try secondary weapon as the left stick button. Try messing with the options.

  14. Dude. Me too. I hope this game’s community gets huge. I can’t even express to you how awesome this game is to me. I loved Doom 2016s multiplayer and map editor so much more than the base game. I was gutted when Doom eternal ditched both of these. I played Doom’s community maps for hours and hours.

  15. It has a historically Overwhelmingly Positive review rating on steam. How is that underrated for a game that's been on GP for a week?

  16. Comments here are negative for no reason. They're just saying that it's a good game that hasn't received lots of attention from media outlets they've tuned in to. My first time hearing of it so I'm happy they posted. Hope I like it too

  17. It's similar but a bit easier than eternal IMO, LOTS of fun though! And nostalgic cause it feels more like the old DOOMs.

  18. It is more a tribute to old quake and similar games from the 90s. Textures, level design, weapons and sound are very very similar (a good thing!) So far it is really enjoyable for me but I would recommend to change resolution to a higher pixel count in the settings :p There is a limit to how much nostalgia you should do I think :D

  19. The game is no longer in early access. This is the 1.0 release that's available on game pass (and all other platforms). I think the dev just hasn't updated the thumbnail on Xbox to remove the "game preview" text.

  20. Yes. I've been keeping it on quick resume and hop in whenever I need a palette cleanser. It's only a gig or so. If you grew up with, or like the older DooMs or Quakes then you'll like this one, it's a pretty awesome little game to hop in for about 15-20 mins at a time. It's got achievements if you're into hunting, which I wasn't expecting from a beta.

  21. Gameplay is fun, but the music kills the mood while playing. Recommend putting on Doom soundtrack while playing Prodeus

  22. I mean I downloaded it after it was announced for gamepass and people said it was like Doom so I’m excited to try it (been too busy with work). But “underrated gem”? The game has hardly been available

  23. I took a look at this last night and didn't even download it before I said "this is gonna be a hit". Definitely gonna play it tonight after work.

  24. Thanks for this post. I didn’t notice this was released on Xbox and I’ve been wanting to play this forever. Downloading now

  25. How in the fuck is this game underrated and a gem when it just came out? People seriously need to learn what these words mean.

  26. This game needs more advertisement when it released it wasn’t even on the “ new game” or “ coming soon “ section let alone it’s on game pass , it may be in game preview im Not to sure maybe that’s why I’ve seen literally nothing about it but the games fucking awesome if you like Duke Nukem / 90s Doom it’s a banger .

  27. Downloaded it as soon as I saw it, haven’t played it yet but played every classic doom and loved them all

  28. What exactly does dash boost do? does it just increase your sprint speed? the dash boost bar looks like double jump, which leads me to believe its an active skill somehow. is this incorrect? is it just a passive and they put a dash boost bar on the screen for no reason? very confusing

  29. Sort your shitty DVR, lack of YouTube connectivity for streaming and Upload and Voice recording out. You have 2 months left to deliver on DVR being a priority for 2022 with Nothing in sight.

  30. Though it'd be more accurate to compare it to the likes of Quake probably, I actually found it to be a very welcome alternative to Doom Eternal (after beating 2016's Doom on Ultra-Violence, I quit DE twice, the second a little more than midway through the game on the normal difficulty). It could just be a matter of getting older, but the option (at least early on in the game) to play a few different styles--playing defensively like in classic Doom, exploiting bottlenecks, or being more aggressive, etc.--was really welcome. It's also got a very charming look, and plays great on console and PC (I'm curious to see how it'll run on my Surface Pro). Highly recommended, especially if you found other modern incarnations on "boomer shooters" to be too frustrating.

  31. I don’t care what game it is but I immediately downvote anything using the phrase “underrated gem”. Idk why but it’s like nails on a chalkboard to me.

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