Has anyone bought an ELITE controller and didn't have problems?

  1. Same. I'll never use another controller. Really wish the trick to use them on PS5 worked for newer (post 2021 I believe) games as well :(

  2. I've had the original Elite Controller since its release day and after thousands of hours of use, the only issue I've had is the bumpers eventually breaking due to their design and the constant stress pressing them puts on the plastic. No stick, button, nor rubber grip issues with mine.

  3. I have an Elite 2 that’s 3 years old now. I’ve had one minor issue with it (the stupid sticky pad bumper that MSFT uses under the triggers came off on the right side and caused the trigger to be sticky) that required me taking it apart and removing the obstruction, but that’s it. Still feels good and works well. So it hasn’t been trouble-free, but I also haven’t had nearly the issues I know a lot of other folks have had.

  4. I’m still using my series 1, don’t have any problems besides the rubber wanting to come off, so I super glue it back on. For some reason, I can’t find any replacements for the inner rubber.

  5. I'm actually looking to make replicas for it since I'll have access to a cutting machine. I have like 3 elite 1s I want to refurbish for friends. For some reason there are no replacements.

  6. i had Elite 1 .. fantastic.... elite 2...many problems since day one.... since 2 days i have this new elite (this white for 120€) works fantastic but how it will look in week's or months from now...we will see😎

  7. Had an elite 1, loved it, until basically everything on it just failed. Realised all I ever used was the back paddles, the other features were a waste to me, so never bothered with a 2. In an ideal world, MS just gives me my series x controller, with just the rear paddle functionality added.

  8. I've had 1 Elite first gen controller that had pretty bad stick drift issues and I'm on my second Elite 2 controller. The first Elite 2 was good for a few years but I started having issues with the bumpers but it also may have been dropped on my hardwood floors a few times. My second Elite 2 I just got 2 months ago and it's been good so far.

  9. Same, bought an Elite 1, Elite 2, Halo Infinite Elite 2 and they all still work perfectly after hundreds of hours of use each.

  10. It's more common than you think tbh and it's sad, it's like gambling to get a good $180 product at the point. That should not be the case for a tech giant like Microsoft, the qc issues are annoying

  11. I’ve had my Elite 2 controller for about 2 years. I’ve got the extended warranty etc. My LB (for DayZ when looking around or double tapping to zoom) can be hit n miss. Rather than send it in, I watched a couple of YT videos and fixed it myself. To be honest… I was impatient and didn’t want to wait. Should’ve really gone down the Warranty route first.

  12. I had only the first one where the d-pad was defective from beginning and didn't noticed it (mostly FPS or racing games User). I just don't get it to pay a premium price for something what is going to break anyways like the much cheaper product. I would consider to buy any kind of pro controllers over 120euro/USD only when they finally use hall sensors to fight stick drift. Stick drift affects every controller after certain use and time. For a real gamer like at least 2h play time daily, none of those controllers will hold more than 1 year+ without getting stick drift. Even with proper maintenance and cleaning of the potis (potentiometer) it will happen. And for FPS games where I need my almost 0 dead zone to be accurate I tend to by once a year a new standard controller for 50euro because the stick will wear out anyways.

  13. For me the elite controllers have had a really bad strike rate and often different issues with them. Went through 3 (swapped for new ones because of issues such as stick drift, unresponsive buttons, paddle defect) then gave up and got my money back. Way later took a risk on the halo one as I thought that maybe their QA hopefully would have sorted it out by now and it sometimes A button isn’t as responsive. 4 in a row, a bit too unlucky for it to be a coincidence.

  14. I got my elite 2 a couple weeks after release and had no issues with it until the last couple months….but it is starting to break down quite quickly now I’d say

  15. It’s prevalent enough that yes you should absolutely be hesitant towards buying one. If you do, absolutely make sure that you can return it and get either a full refund and/or an exchange. Because I bought one and within 10 minutes of opening the box it had too many problems for me to handle and I returned it the same day. My replacement lasted 2 weeks before acting up but I just “fixed” it myself temporarily. I’ve had to open the thing up and fix it more times than I feel like counting. I’m constantly trying to lube the face buttons to get them to register. And I’ve all but given up on my right bumper ever working properly. I’ve tried everything. It sucks cause it’s my favorite controller. But I’ve had to stop using it entirely cause it’s just unreliable. I can’t have buttons just not respond in the middle of an online match. It could cost me the game.

  16. Yep I have had 2 and it's always the left thumb stick gets drift. Maybe it's the way I play games ( especially State of Decay 2)?

  17. My Elite 1 got zero issues in its entire usage. My Elite 2's LB response became unreliable near the end of the warranty. I've send it to MS and got a replacement for free which works great so far.

  18. I thought I’d be the lucky one. I thought about how many negative reviews Amazon products always have, despite usually working.

  19. My exact scenario too, had it for about 3 years and then the left stick drift came out of nowhere. The A and Y buttons work...sometimes.

  20. I replaced V2 three times. Two sticky A buttons and then the drifting left stick. Then got one that worked well couple of months and soon after my warranty expired, my RB button started to behave in a way I have to do a very hard push so the controller records the click. If not for the issues above I would say it's the best controller I used for the past 20 years of gaming. Unfortunately, quality control at Microsoft is kinda lame. Should you buy? Ask around whether current V2 from Xbox Design Lab comes with no issues. If there are still present, stay away.

  21. I got both on release day. The series 1 lasted me till the series 2 came out. I think like 4 years, but it was definitely almost dead after that time. My series 2 sticks and bumpers went bad but recently. So that’s just under 3 years. I took it apart replaced the sticks but not the pots and replaced the bumper switches. Hopefully it will be good for another 3

  22. I have an Elite Series 1 since launch week. No factory issues. My nephew did drop it and wreck the motor in the left trigger. I have since repaired it myself.

  23. Up until a couple days ago :/ got it for my birthday 8/8 of this year. Tried to ignore the right trigger sticking but once the A button stopped responding?? Forced my hand.

  24. Issues with the first one, but got the master chief one since release and it’s been perfect. Even though I’ve dropped it on tile twice.

  25. I bought one and the only issues are creaking RT and to turn on the console sometimes you need press Xbox button harder.

  26. Bought 3,had issues with the first two. Drift on elite one and broken bumper on Elite 2, third one no issues yet (Halo Ltd elite)

  27. I bought an elite series 2. Within two weeks the A button was sticking (common problem with these). I took it back, exchanged it and got a 2 year extended warranty on the new one. Great controller though.

  28. I just don't like the sticks. They feel hard and stiff no matter how much I try and "break them in". I actually u sed my regular series controller after awhile because it was just way more comfortable using the sticks on it.. The paddles were awesome dont' get me wrong but the sticks were the big thing against it, IMO.

  29. I didn’t have problems with the elite 1. Haven’t had issues with two elite 2 I own. I have good hygiene habits and don’t treat my tech like crap though.

  30. My elite controller has always been fine. Had it for over 2 years. You need to understand that only people who have problems typically post about it. I guarantee you that the majority of elite controllers sold have minimal issues.

  31. Yeah, go look through a video talking about the issues they have and look at the comments, full of dorks bragging about not having faulty controllers. Talk about a weird flex!

  32. Had zero issues with either of my Elite 2s. Only had to exchange the first one after a year or so due to my cat knocking it off my desk and busted the RB.

  33. Barely used my series 2 and it died a week after warenty expired.. I buy normal controllers from now on.

  34. The fact Microsoft sent out an actual survey to Xbox insiders about all the controller faults shows it's not a tiny minority

  35. I’ve had mine a few months without issues, seems the problem is that they don’t do QC well enough to prevent too many defective ones going out hence the complaints

  36. Didn't buy it but mine has ran smooth since I got it back in like february or march. Got it as part of the stick drift class action lawsuit against Microsoft when it settled

  37. My V1 had no issues for 2 years before the grips peeled. Then continued to work fine for another 3 years. Original bumbers still worked and had no stick drift. My V2 came with multiple buttons not working out the box. The replacement has been good so far.

  38. The controller just seems to have a higher failure rate than normal. I had one for about six months and had no issues but every other person I know that had one had some type of issue. I would never buy one again but that’s me.

  39. I really hope there is majority of people like this. My Elite 1 - returned after year, took money back. Bought Elite 2, exchanged for new piece after a year. The new elite 2 had a knob broke down two days after warranty end. I am getting another one in few weeks and i really want to have one of those millions of working ones as it is the best controller i held.

  40. Yeah, if it's 99.9% no issues then I should buy a damn lotto ticket if I'm making to get the 0.1% every time I get a refurbed one sent back.

  41. Same thing happened when the console launched. Everyone who had issues were posting and those who didn't had no issues. It's 99,9% without issues. It just seems a lot when they all the post here.

  42. Very disingenuous to say it’s 99.9% without issues… also just factually incorrect considering how many people have reported having issues with the elite line.

  43. It seems like a lot when Microsoft gets a class action lawsuit over controller quality one generation, then the next gen makes people aware they know about QC issues with elite controllers.

  44. I've had an elite 2 for about 6 months now. No problems so far but I don't really use any of the extra buttons and I kinda regret spending so much on it.

  45. In short, bought Elite 2 controller, and didn't have any problems for a first year. Altought they start to appear now, like left stick drifting up, and bumper needs to be pressed harder after few months of playing Destiny 2 (Warlock granade build).

  46. Ive had several elite controllers, My series 1 had stick drift and dodgy shoulder buttons, But now im on my second elite controller as the first had shoulder button issues, the one im using now is brilliant, the only issue is the left joystick grip spins (not the joystick itself) I just changed the stick out.

  47. I had a Elite 1 for 2 years. No issue at all. But i upgraded to Elite 2 which got so many issue i exchanged 3 times with MS. On the third time, MS offered to refund for me. And they refuse to refund my extended warranty purchased with it. The face button A and Y on all of my 3 controller got issue. Wont register when you press on certain angle. My 40$ 8 BitDo controller on the other hand has no issue with such basic functions.

  48. I’ve had my Elite 2 for a year now. Not a single problem occurred. Hopefully it stayed this way. But I am more anxiously waiting for a potential Elite 3 with haptic feedback and all that cool stuff. Hope they can tease something by the end of this year.

  49. I’ve bought two elite 2 series and both had no issues. Bought them from Costco. I’m sure if you had any problems, you could return/exchange it. Costco’s return policy is pretty generous.

  50. 2 years and no issues. Have to remember the people you see complaining are the people with issues and obviously are louder than people with no issues as they have no reason to make a post about hey my elite works...

  51. I had the 1 and 2 not a single issue on either, I guess there are a lot of people with issues but luckily I haven't had any as of now, first one I had for like 2 years and the second one running since it first was released, only changed because my wife gave it to me for my birthday

  52. I've bought the controller in the Microsoft store, with three years warranty, two years ago. Daily user. No problems whatsoever.

  53. So I had one for 2+ years. Things was perfect, best controller I ever used. The only reason for it's demise was a dog using it as a chewing toy, which had to have led to the front buttons dying eventually.

  54. I bought the elite 2 on release day. Have had absolutely no issues. No drift, no grip coming off, no delayed/absent inputs. Only thing I guess I can say is wrong with it is the stop trigger on the right sounds different when on the lowest level, but the input isn’t effects at all. I’ve loved mine since day 1.

  55. the vast majority of the controllers are gonna eve working, just cause only people who’ve had issues with them posted on reddit about em doesn’t mean all of them will be defective. The vast majority will work with 0 issue

  56. I've bought both versions since they came out. The first did have a few issues and was replaced, the second gen I've had since release and no complaints. Both of these controllers have had serious use with the first being used for 8 hours daily whilst I was playing professionally.

  57. Nope no issues but honestly just don’t buy one the amount of issues this controller has is just staggering. I know people will say “oh people who don’t complain won’t really say much” but honestly it’s at the point where at least 1/3 controllers will probably have a problem. Even if you don’t end up having issues it’s best not to roll the dice and support what is a bad product until Microsoft fix quality control.

  58. They will break quickly if you play a lot, I went through two Elite 1 Controllers and I'm not going to get another one nor the Elite 2 at all, I rather just buy multiple, regular Xbox Series X controllers which are pretty damn nice honestly. I mean I won't be harsh, the Elite 1 Controllers lasted me for a quite a while but it really breaks down quick, wish I was able to repair them to mint condition today.

  59. Depends on how often you play games and what games really. Not really accurate to just categorize everyone together

  60. I’m on my third one, but it’s one of the most used things in the house, so over several years, that’s probably ok.

  61. I bought and elite 1 and it never broke. I damaged the grips on it and then they peeled off so bought the elite series 2 and it had a minor fault (one of the paddles stopped clicking when pressed) sent it back and got a brand new unit as replacement and this one has been perfect since; ive had it over 2 years at this point and it's never failed

  62. I had an Elite 1 and 2 and never had issues with them. Each one lasted around a year in my possession until I returned to BestBuy for different reasons.

  63. Ok hear me out here. I bought a Elite 1 controller and it didnt work due to some buttons didnt respond properly straight out of the box. Had it replaced twice with the same problems. The third one I got sent to me have been golden for 5+ years. The rubber on the grips just fell off but I still play with it without any issues. I decided last year to buy a Elite 2 on Black Friday. I've sent that back 3 times now with out of the box buttons not registering, they either repaired it or replaced it. But everytime there was another button that didnt registered, so now I'm in the process to send it back a fourth time but this time I'm gonna get my money back.

  64. Elite 1 I had good luck with and it still works perfectly today. Elite 2 I had major drift issues on 3 separate controllers (2 mine, 1 my brothers).

  65. I bought an elite last June and in August the left thumb stick won’t stay in place anymore, it wants to keep turning around. Makes gaming extremely difficult. I’ve tried readjusting the joystick but it keeps a wanting to act as a key and tighten the joystick.

  66. I didn’t buy it myself but the issues I’ve had with are all are directly because the person using it (my wife) keeps dropping it lol

  67. I have three Elite ones, all second hand. In one of them I had to replace the bumpers as it had cracked, one needed a new grip as the glue failed, and one has a loose left stick, but oddly that doesn’t affect the ‘drift’ in any way.

  68. I was in the same boat and stressing about buying one. I've had my Series 2 since July 2020 and haven't had any issues at all, knock on wood. I keep it in the case 100% of the time I'm not using it, and I don't play with dirty hands or eat while playing.

  69. For those who don't know, there is a guy on ebay who fixes elite controllers for $50. I used him myself for my repair and the service and turnaround is pretty great. Only takes a week

  70. Bought one after the shipped controller broke after a couple of months, and had zero issues with it. I guess it depends on luck etc.

  71. Have had zero issues with mine. I did get the extended warranty just in case but so far, it has been flawless.

  72. I have had my series 2 since release, for now the only problem is the little rubber part that is on the underside for the little switch button. It has fallen off. I see that people have a lot of issues. So i am just waiting for more to happen. But satisfied for now.

  73. I haven’t but I’m not a heavy user. For a premium product they clearly have some quality control issues but if you get a good one you’re golden.

  74. No issues out of the box with my original elite 2. My elite core just showed up in a box that look like it was waterboarded and then drop kicked off the Empire State Building, the contents inside weren’t damaged surprisingly. So far so good

  75. Of course. There’s almost always good and bad. My halo one is the best quality one I have. Although my Elite one woulda been in top shape still I’d I never dropped it.

  76. My friend has gone through 2 series 1 controllers and 5 series 2 controllers. The series 1 was definitely better build quality

  77. I havent…If you take care of it it will last many years. I put it back in the case every time i use it and i dont drop it. The only thing you might not be able to avoid are thumbsticks eventually peeling

  78. I had an elite 2 for a year and 10 months. RB no longer works even after jimmying it. The A button and X button stick. The paddle I assigned to X would work when it wants. I bought the new elite core last week and put the paddles and everything on it. Feels great so far

  79. I have purchased both an Elite 1 and 2. No issues other than the rubberized grips peeling off my elite 1. Fantastic controllers.

  80. Depends on luck based from experience of 3 controllers now. Twice returned now on the 3rd and longest unit with a year of almost daily use

  81. I play Xbox 4 times a week for an hour or 2 each time. Have had the Elite 2 for over a year, and haven’t had a single issue with it. I know I am on the lower end of time use, but it has been a fantastic experience so far.

  82. I have a series 2 that I’ve had for almost a year (a year in December) and I have had zero issues. I hear mainly about the bumpers but I like my bumpers on the paddles so I never use them. Could be the reason.

  83. Believe it's just luck of the draw. My buddy has had just 1 and I've gone through 5 for various issues with buttons or analog sticks not working. One literally had the Y button not work right out of the box.

  84. Had a series 1 since 2016. One grip change (replacement on Amazon), and one bumper paddle break (replacement on Amazon). Still going strong. Tons of use btw!!!!

  85. First one the buttons didn’t really work half the times, replacement just randomly locks up and I have to completely turn off the controller and re attach it every time. Quite annoying when you’re in the final 5 of a warzone

  86. I didn’t have any issues until I accidentally dropped mine on my hardwood floor (and yes I actually mean ACCIDENTALLY). Still works for the most part but the LT/RT buttons are less sensitive now and need to be pushed a certain way to work.

  87. I went through 5 original elites and I'm on my 3rd elite 2, this one has held up well for 18 months so far though with just minor stick drift so maybe I've finally got one which could pass quality control

  88. I'm on at least my 4th or 5th Series 2, and had multiple Series 1s. It's not on me because I'm a ~120lb woman and I've been gaming since the Sega Genesis and never had issues with more than a couple of off-brand controllers.

  89. I personally love my elite 2 controller. no issues at all. And I've had it since they released the elite 2s.

  90. If I make a controller out of the things that worked from the 4 elite v1s and 2s that I have, I don't think that I would get a complete working one...

  91. I bought a gen1 when they first came out. Had it ever since with zero issues. Used to be my most used controller until a few months ago I decided the smaller series X controller is more comfortable.

  92. It’s fine though I’d recommend extended warranty. It’s still a controller, and slot of the parts are the same as the other controllers

  93. My Elite 2's left bumper stopped responding after a couple years. I had to crack it open and do some DIY fixing, but now it works fine again.

  94. I have the elite 1 since release and have no problems. I held off on the elite 2. Now I'm waiting for it to show up in design labs.

  95. I had a similar problem when getting mine. I think the majority are perfectly fine but the rate at which they do experience issues are high enough to notice.

  96. Yes and no. I’ve had 3 of the regular elite controllers. 1st one just kinda stopped working, 2nd micro usb port broke so I traded for the white version and the usb port for that one broke but it was my fault. No stick drift or anything, I’d probably buy the elite 2 if I actually played on Xbox still

  97. I’ve had four with zero issues. Two originals two series 2. First Gen I replaced with a white version and my first series 2 I sold after not using for a long time.

  98. I think looking for positive needles in a negative haystack is a bit of a rough way to get the right impressions, that said despite the fact I have had to get mine replaced three times under warranty because the paddle buttons use flexible plastic that warps them to the point of being unresponsive after only a few weeks, it is still far and away one of the best controllers I have ever used

  99. I haven’t had an issue with the 3 I have bought. Elite 1 was great up to the Elite 2 and I passed my Elite 1 on to my brother who uses today with no issues. I bought the Halo Elite 2 last year and it has held up great and I keep my OG Elite 2 as a backup if that ever changes.

  100. My experience is left thumb stick drift and RB not working. Problem is that these things are supposed to be the premium quality controllers and have the price tag that comes with it, while being less reliable than the standard controller - otherwise you would probably hear less griping.

  101. I have the original Elite. The only trouble I've ever had with it is it disconnecting randomly & needs to be plugged in momentarily to reset. I've had it for roughly a year now and I 'd say that's happened maybe 4 or 5 times. Frustrating but the pros far out weigh the cons imo

  102. There's one problem that all the elite series 2 have that prevents me from using it and it's the A button. Don't get me wrong, the controller itself feels and looks really nice. But if you play claw you'll notice that the A button doesn't register clicks half the time.

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