John Marston voice actor Rob Wiethoff would love to work on Red Dead Redemption Remaster

  1. Bit sick of this cycle. The only thing I really want is a 60fps patch for RDR2. And if i can't have that, I'd rather have a new entry in the series or see them get on with GTA6.

  2. GTA6 what? I don't think R* is done milking GTA Online. It would be nice if they would just get on with it. 9 years waiting. We need people to quit playing GTA Online to force R* hand.

  3. Given the fiasco of the gta remasters earlier this year, yeah, I don’t think we will be seeing anymore anytime soon.

  4. Given that they had basically made the entire original Red Dead map in RDR2, I had thought they were going to just make the remaster as a DLC. Like seriously seems like most of the heavy lifting is already done.

  5. If they could find a way to plop RDR 1 into RDR 2 for a next gen version, that'd be incredible. Unlikely, but incredible.

  6. I was hoping they would have done this. All they would have to do is rework the scenes and keep the voice acting from the first.

  7. last remaster rockstar made was a cash grab so think i'll wait for buying the game to see if it's a true remaster

  8. They shat the bed with GTA remasters, wasn't pleased that they didn't skyrocket financially, and as rumors say, canceled everyyhing that was tied to RDR1 remaster.

  9. The One X and Series S/X version already could be considered a remaster, besides that Arthur was a much more interesting character.

  10. I beg to differ. The game runs slightly smoother and at higher resolution, but it's still capped at 30 fps and the textures are still pretty low-resolution. The game has a good enough artstyle to look decent, but comparing it to RDR2 is like a night-and-day difference.

  11. Yeah we really just need a 60fps update for rdr2. Rdr1 still looks and plays great for how old it is. Just recently finished an undead nightmare run and loved every bit of it.

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