Is This the Worst Year for Xbox 1st Party Software Ever?

  1. I feel the same way. Since 2013 there have been promises of ‘next year’. I love Microsoft and the Xbox brand, but god damn do they lack execution skills.

  2. I wish Xbox would drop gears of war, Gears 5 is just lacking in every department of what made the first game great, gears 4 was the same. It's a shame they didn't learn after making those mistakes to change their direction. They need to go back to a more interesting period in the history of gears and be more innovative on that front. Create new characters sure, there's no sense in bringing back old ones, but go the complete other direction figure out what made the trilogy great, more so the first two, and learn from that to realise how to create their own identity within the gears series. I'd love something set before the first game, go back to an era that is brutal and disturbing dark and full of mysterious characters that no one has seen before.

  3. They do literally have 23 studios. Quite how this year is so dry is interesting but at some point the flood gates do have to open, plus once they buy Activision-Blizzard they will easily be the biggest 1st party publisher.

  4. I’m lucky I’m so far behind because I’m still very pleased with everything on Game Pass and new things coming out from other folks. Game Pass has been enough for me to feel like I’m still getting way more than I paid for and have time for. Without game pass though, I’d agree that MS’s lacking. Game Pass is really great so I give it a pass. They could not come out with anything of their own for years and I probably wouldn’t notice between 3rd party new titles and Game Pass.

  5. Lol the generation has been out for 3 years and 2 of them are droughts the other barely had some rain. You can see the mood's getting sour from the mixed reactions to the showcase earlier, MS might want to do something surprising for later this year to salvage morale.

  6. The lack of a Forza this year is what makes it stand out over 2017 for "Worst 1st party year ever".

  7. It is hilarious that MS bought up all those studios and they aren’t pumping anything out. They’re lucky Game Pass is great enough to make up for all that for many people, myself included. I didn’t even notice because there’s so much to play anyway on that and new things coming out and sales on stuff I missed.

  8. 2020 was ass too. 2021 decent. 2022 ass again. Not the best start to the new generation. Hopefully everything slated for 2023 actually releases and are good games. After seeing Redfall I'm kinda iffy about that last part too. Really hope Starfield saves the day.

  9. Things are going great on Switch. (And I still have a couple smaller-budget games in my Game Pass backlog, so my Xbox isn’t simply gathering dust.)

  10. Yes, 2022 is the worst first-party exclusives year ever. Funny enough though, 2023 has the possibility of being the best ever

  11. Forza is microsofts safety net and even thats not coming this year. That said, I think the release year was worse simply because it was more important. While Halo Infinite even after the year delay still came out barren, I'm suprised they still even went through with that and didnt just release it along the xbox no matter what.

  12. I honestly enjoyed the Halo Infinite campaign as an OG Halo fan (which I guess can vary widely). Bit bummed there was no co-op ready but overall, the campaign felt like a fresh take on Halo while keeping a lot of the feel from the original Halo series.

  13. 3DO had 1 game at launch and cost $699 in 1993, I think that still takes the cake for worse launch ever.

  14. Did we all know it was coming? As far as we knew, Redfall and Starfield were slated to launch this year, and 2+ AAA first party games is what most people would consider to be a “good year”.

  15. It’s the year of the backlog, than and constant gamepass releases got my paralyzed lol. I would like to play some new heavy hitters but I just started playing Mafia and Hitman Trilogy which are heavy hitters in my opinion. Also just got into Pathfinder Kingmaker which is incredible so far, an absolute steal at the current sale price.

  16. I'm an Xbox user, and I'm not happy at all. To be honest there's only one game I'm looking forward to in the next 12 months, shown at the showcase, and it's not even a first party game lol. It's Flintlock. I thought that game looked pretty interesting. Of course I'm a fan of 3rd person action games, which is a genre Xbox mostly ignores. I'm just lucky to have a PS5 and a Switch to get me through 🤷‍♂️

  17. 2006 could compete. Gears did come out, but was an Epic games property back then. Other than that it was just Viva Pinata.

  18. I mean... your two examples are clearly bigger, more important exclusives than OP's two. Gears and Viva Pinata are both amazing games that people loved.

  19. Yeah but 360 still had a bunch of big exclusives and timed exclusives that year like GRAW, Oblivion, Cromehounds, Call of Juarez, RB6 Vegas, FEAR, etc and the competition wasn’t even launched until the end of the year. That was actually a great year.

  20. I’m considering selling my Series X to my nephew and just upgrading my pc so that I can play Starfield. I rarely use Gamepass anymore, and continuously waiting for Microsoft’s gaming drought to end in between delays is pretty discouraging.

  21. It’s a gaming drought for every platform. Sony had a couple of decent games and PC doesn’t do big AAA exclusive games. Covid really did alter a lot of studios timelines for release. It’s not like Microsoft doesn’t have games being developed.

  22. 2020 was probably still their best since the launch of the Xbox one. Gears Tactics, Flight Sim, Ori and the Will of the Wisps were all great. Minecraft Dungeons, Tell Me Why, and Battletoads were nothing special, but still good times overall. Bleeding Edge was the only bad one, from what I heard (though I never tried it).

  23. Honesty it’s embarrassing, they’ve been showing off so many company’s they’ve got under their belt for the last 3 years and literally nothing is coming out this year worth playing. What are all these company’s doing???

  24. It’s horrible. Thank god I have a PS5, Im letting my Game Pass sub lapse until Starfield, I hate monthly subscriptions as it is.

  25. Same. I enjoy my XSX and after skipping Xbox One I had a lot to catch up on, but I've finally played everything I've wanted to play on gamepass. I have plenty in my backlog for PS4/5 and Switch.

  26. Adding in Horgwarts Legacy to that list and I realize it’s going to be a pretty sweet year overall for me.

  27. Circumstances within all these studios that result in bad project management are hopefully going to be improving starting in 2023, and circumstances (such as a deadly pandemic and war in Ukraine) around the world should as well. So I’m being very patient. But if things on the first party side don’t improve by the time I need to renew Game Pass in 2024 then I’ll be cancelling and just buying the first party games I want.

  28. I want an xbox but i ended up with ps5 since xbox doesnt have *that* title that is a must have like last of us or GOW. I want fable but thats years out and any game i was interested in has been delayed till next year

  29. This is why they're focusing on Game Pass. First party titles don't matter as much if you're still the platform that people get to play a ton of games on for little cost. People like a bargain and hundreds of games for a low sub is an easy sell.

  30. With new ps plus subscriptions, it will be harder for them to compete only with third-parties. First party will be the differentiating factor.

  31. With new ps plus subscriptions, it will be harder for them to compete only with third-parties. First party will be the differentiating factor.

  32. With new ps plus subscriptions, it will be harder for them to compete only with third-parties. First party will be the differentiating factor.

  33. With new ps plus subscriptions, it will be harder for them to compete only with third-parties. First party will be the differentiating factor.

  34. Meh, I really don’t care about first party as much as I do all playable games coming out, first and third party.

  35. I boot my xbox daily. I can't honestly say I even boot my PS5 weekly. But I'm getting a little annoyed with Microsoft lately. GP is absolutely amazing. BC is amazing. But where are the exclusive innovative games? It's mind blowing the amount of money MS has and SONY kicks the ever living shit know what forget it. Let's keep it somewhat positive. Could you imagine being a gamer in a world where MS has as many awesome exclusives as SONY? MS has the money to do so, so why aren't they? They bring RIOT games, Persona, blah blah. It seems like most things that they are excited to announce does nothing for me. Sort of like they are tone deaf. I realize there are other gamers out there with different wants than me. I learned a long time ago to keep my expectations low, but yeah right now it's a rough time.

  36. I’m happy with lots of what Xbox is doing but it’s getting to the point where I just want next-gen games that really take advantage of the Series X.

  37. I used to boot my Xbox daily too but I haven't really touched it at all since after Halo Infinite. It's all just such a massive let down.

  38. I wouldn't downplay grounded, the game has had so many updates over the years that it's almost completely different from when it first launched. Thankfully I haven't played it since then so it'll be a whole new experience.

  39. Problem is that game has been out for years now. Early access or not, I don't think you could really consider it a true 'new' release tbh.

  40. Fair enough if true. I'm not big on survival games like that, so I haven't checked it out myself. Certainly looks neat enough, though.

  41. It's certainly up there, doesn't help that Halo Infinite can barely be used to fill the gap left by Starfield thanks to 343's constant fuck ups. I figured that Microsoft would open the checkbook up to get some big third party titles for Game Pass to try to salvage 2022, and yet they let Ubisoft go to PlayStation Plus and couldn't get Final Fantasy VII Remake yet again.

  42. It's one of the worst years for gaming in general. In fact this entire start of generation has been incredibly weak. Covid slowed everything down.

  43. This is the worst year in gaming ever. The last year that I recall being close to this dry was 2002. When Doom 3 and Half Life 2 both got delayed. I’m in my late 40s and have been gaming since Atari 2600. Seriously, this is the worst year I can remember as far as lack of software across gaming, not just Xbox. And I hate saying this, but it feels like covid has become the big excuse for lazy development and sloppy implementation. I understand it really delays things, but a lot of this leaves me scratching my head. And these new consoles ps5 and xsx feel absolutely unnecessary and have felt that way for 2 years now. They’ve introduced nothing new. No concepts, no fresh ips, nothing but remakes and patches for higher resolutions. Quite disappointing as someone that owns both and watches them gather dust.

  44. Same, been gaming since '85... I think this is the most boring, uninspired year for games I've ever experienced, and I play on both consoles.

  45. Worst year for Xbox you mean. Not gaming in general. Nintendo and Playstation are having a solid year with a bunch of high profile releases.

  46. Yep. How does this company own half the industry and have such anemic production? (Yes, yes I know the ActiBlizz deal hasn’t closed yet.) Very strange.

  47. Phil doesn't want to spend on 3rd Party Exclusivity. That's fine and well if your 1st party studios are working hard and releasing shit but they aren't. It's such a moronic strategy that Phil has right now. Absolutely moronic.

  48. Luckily we have gamepass so it feels like there are a bunch of new games to play. I mean their are, just not xbox exclusives. So it makes this year feel better than past years.

  49. Isn't this kind of academic anyway? Like who cares if the title is from Microsoft or Ubisoft or EA outside of console warriors?

  50. Your statement isn't wrong, but if your not happy with the current state of the sub and have no interest in criticism then switch to a different subreddit that is serving your needs for a circle jerk.

  51. Yep. It’s not great. I mean there’s plenty out there to play, but nothing that knocks your socks off and has longevity.

  52. Didn't one year they just release a Forza game? Xbox One first party was nearly non-existent. I'm more pissed that 343 is a garbage studio and they continuously let them defile the Halo franchise's corpse at this point

  53. this sub seriously needs to chill on the negativity train. I know gamers have to be negative about all gaming news 24/7. but just chill guys

  54. It's normal for xbox, they never have games. Since launch they have only 2 aaa games released(forza/halo) and before launch it was 2019 with gears. I have all 3 consoles and xbox is the most useless one. Absolutly nothing to play

  55. You don't have to play only Xbox games guys! We don't need to have a huge AAA game every year to wag in front of the other platforms like some big dick contest. Play your back logs, play a third party game that runs the best on Xbox because you have the strongest console! Go and pick a Playstation if you are hard up for something new and different. Be thankful that gaming isn't a single company platform because competition is great for everybody!

  56. Who cares honestly?! You have plenty great games all year to play on your Xbox, unless 1) your primary console is a PS4/5 2) you only use your Xbox for exclusives and 3) you don’t use Gamepass… as far as we know, all of the 30ish AAA projects they are working on are still under development and haven’t been cancelled so you’ll get them when they are ready and in the meantime, just enjoy all the games that are coming out because plenty are…

  57. Mario 64 is all it needed. Just like if Halo Infinite would have launched in a good state instead of the steaming pile we got, then Xbox wouldn't look so dire right now.

  58. Did Mario 64 come out later? I wasn’t allowed to open my N64 that year until Christmas but I opened it with Mario and played that to death. Amazing game at the time.

  59. I mean they have simply just been pushed back because of COVID and or in stalker 2 case a full on war. 1st party games are coming in the beginning of 2023.

  60. I mean they have simply just been pushed back because of COVID and or in stalker 2 case a full on war. 1st party games are coming in the beginning of 2023.

  61. I mean they have simply just been pushed back because of the pandemic and or in stalker 2 case a full on war. 1st party games are coming in the beginning of 2023.

  62. Why do you care about exclusives? I am changing games every week on my XSX and there is still tons of them to play. Would they feel better if I knew nobody on PS5 can play them?

  63. Worst year? No. I feel like you’re new here. There’s been several years with nothing to lol foward to. Guess you’ve only been here during the good days.

  64. Games are on a different schedule now, its a 5 plus year development time. Look at last year for xbox big games, halo, forza, flight sim, the medium, pychonaughts to name some. Last year was the 1st year of the new console and tgey push most of their AAA got released, not to mention all the other games they released on gamepass, so yeah the year after a console release is normally slow going.

  65. It's tough for me to comment on these things because I was not gaming from 2013 to last summer when I got my Series S. So I have a huge backlog of games, especially on Gamepass.

  66. Most AAA games these days whether 1st or 3rd party tend to suck and just be mtx money grabs anyway. AAA games and "1st party exclusives" all used to mean a guaranteed quality experience and maybe even at times the most bang for your buck. Look at the landscape now? The quality has shifted to smaller lesser-known more independent games that tend to offer you the most unique experiences and most bang for your buck 'It Takes Two' comes to mind of the top of my head and the list from there trends towards smaller games and not upwards towards disasters like Battlefield 2042, Cyberpunk, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Diablo Immortal and [Insert AAA Clusterfuck Here].

  67. Most first party games tend to be really high quality experiences in my experience. It can still be a lottery on Xbox with a few games, but that quality has gone up significantly in recent years. I guess there's some cash grabbing first party games from Nintendo too (looking at you bad Mario party and Mario sports games) but their big games are almost always fire. Sony seems to have a lot of high quality exclusives as well (full disclosure I've only beaten spiderman and am halfway through God of War 2018 and that's the extent of my Sony exclusives so the rest is based on observation of how the games were received at launch). Overall I still view first party games as high quality experiences.

  68. They are and will be dogshit in this generation in terms of first party. It is what it is. Their acquisitions weren't going to fix things overnight. We knew this.

  69. Honestly, I love the Xbox ecosystem. But its first party presence has been behind Sony for years now. I play my Series X more than my PS5 in general - but I play new games on my PS5 more often. Microsoft isn’t very far behind in terms of first party releases so far, but they’re still behind in my opinion.

  70. Yeah, it's a bit of a disappointment. 2021 was considered one of the best years (Forza, FS, Halo: Infinite, plus more).

  71. They could have invested in third party games and had them locked as exclusives ... I mean the likes of Soulstice are looking to be great..

  72. This is the year that games started around the time of the pandemic would have been hitting. Everyone in the industry knew this year was going to be lacking because of COVID restrictions over the last couple of years. I realise as a new Series X owner who skipped the Xbone generation I'm in a different position to many of you. There are a ton of games from the last gen that I want to play on GP and it'll keep me busy for the rest of the year most likely.

  73. Now that you mention it, I can’t think of much that Sony or Nintendo has really been able to build a ton of hype for this year either. Horizon on PS and Splatoon(?) on Switch? I know there are others but nothing to that level of hype and Splatoon really feels like I’m reaching when I say it.

  74. 1st party titles are not the only thing that matter 3rd party titles are still as enjoyable as first party ones. Nevermind the fact most of these projects had the delay and tribulations of work from home which limits collaborative effort you would get from in person experience...

  75. I mean they have simply just been pushed back because of the pandemic and or in stalker 2 case a full on war. 1st party games are coming in the beginning of 2023.

  76. I mean they have simply just been pushed back because of the pandemic and or in stalker 2 case a full on war. 1st party games are coming in the beginning of 2023.

  77. I mean they have simply just been pushed back because of the pandemic and or in stalker 2 case a full on war. 1st party games are coming in the beginning of 2023.

  78. I mean they have simply just been pushed back because of the pandemic and or in stalker 2 case a full on war. 1st party games are coming in the beginning of 2023.

  79. Man are we beating this topic to death or what in this sub lately or what? No games for Xbox amirite guys???

  80. To be honest, it's kinda expected isn't it? The delays from covid hit all the industry pretty bad. Looking at Sony and Nintendo, it's not that great either. But I will say that game pass was a big saving grace for this year. I explored a lot of games on it, although most of them are older games.

  81. I mean they have simply just been pushed back because of the pandemic and or in stalker 2 case a full on war. 1st party games are coming in the beginning of 2023.

  82. I have both the ps5 and series x and every game is a better experience on Xbox than the ps5 (Dolby Atmos, quick resume, elite controller) so every game is an Xbox exclusive in my book.

  83. The series X is awesome, no doubt. I’d really rather they keep postponing games until they’re finished so we don’t keep having CDPR Cyberpunk/343 Infinite fiascos.

  84. It honestly doesn't matter to me. Everything on game pass is an exclusive in my book and essentially free.

  85. To be fair with the exception of Nintendo, first party titles are usually ass. Look at God of War and Horizon on Sony. One is literally just an ubisoft game clone with oooh dinos. And one is a generic hack and slash with no depth. Then xbox has halo which the last good one was halo 3 and gears which is a snoozefest cover based shooter. Thank God Microsoft has some good first party studios now so they can start pumping out massive RPGs which are the best genre. Screw everything else.

  86. I mean they have simply just been pushed back because of the pandemic and or in stalker 2 case a full on war. 1st party games are coming in the beginning of 2023.

  87. I don't think any of the years from 2014-2019 really stand out as any better. They had more big budget games, but most of them were pretty mid or just straight bad.

  88. I don't know, I seem to recall the entire middle of the Xbox One generation being pretty bland. Like 2015-2017. I could be wrong but it seems like nothing first party released those years.

  89. There was long period where it was really believable that the xbox one was gonna be the last xbox console. They had nothing going for them and honestly if they didnt fall back on game pass it probably would have been, especially when ps4 was outselling it 3:1

  90. Pyschonauts 2 was pretty good. halo Infinite was too. I guess those count as end of last year maybe I dunno.

  91. Gaming in covid times basically means accepting that any project you're looking forward to could be delayed by a year or more at any moment. This is true of every AAA extravaganza on down. Tbh even if Redfall and Forza did drop this year I don't think they would move the needle that much.

  92. It’s kind of amazing that Xbox drops a lot of money for Bethesda and then Deathloop is a timed PS exclusive

  93. I feel like Xbox first party games have taken a crap since Xbox 1 released. I don't use it for exclusives though, it's a Gamepass machine

  94. Yeah this is a painful year. With little to no big first party titles and even one of their flagship service titles struggling to keep up (Halo Infinite), I'd say this year was a failure for Xbox.

  95. Not to bash either but at this point Gamepass really is like Netflix. I just get on scroll, don’t find anything I want to play that I haven’t already and hop back on my phone. Was hoping for FF7 Remake at least. On a side note, I hope none of the Bethesda games go to PS for this bullshit.

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