Thoughts on Juice Wrld?

  1. A lot were just kids. Same with X. You’re inevitably going to do / say some stupid shit in your early teens into your 20s honestly

  2. rlly good artist, one of the best of this generation and really talented. and i hate how ppl compare him to x now, obviously i’m always gonna side with x but it just sucks that ppl compare them all the time.

  3. No one compares him to X, you’d have to lack brain cells to do that. They don’t even do the same type of music … they both help people but they music is def not the same 😭. Who is comparing them I wanna see

  4. Wish he would’ve taken a break from music. Blew up way too fast and couldn’t handle the lifestyle on top of issues in his life or possibly being chemically imbalanced. Really good artist that had a high ceiling

  5. my favorite artist everyday i find new leaks to vibe update- just found out one of my faves big swag has a 10 minute version y’all need to check it out omlllllll

  6. Favorite artist of all time. Talent was through the roof crazy to imagine how much better he was gonna get on top of that. Sucks to see him gone 999 forever💜I’ll just leave it at that cause I can write paragraphs on this😂

  7. Great artist, only complaint is his many recycled lines but considering he made literally thousands of songs and wrote practically none of them I can let it slide

  8. my favorite artist of all time. x is a close second, juice jus had so many songs and i can relate to him more. juice showed me my talent n shit and hes been a best friend fo me. 999 honestly. both juice and x are legends no debate

  9. I'm a die hard for Juice like not even on some weird shit I just really enjoy his music and the message of mental health and positivity he portrays throughout his career. A few arguments I saw in the comments-- yes, he can freestyle for days. Anyone thinking that he had a ghostwriter of some sort is a clown. People like Ski Mask and Lil Bibby made jokes about his ass not shutting up when you put on a beat 💀 I don't believe he was overrated. He was simply just a rockstar doing his shit everyday. More importantly, he was just a kid like me and most of yall reading this. So I don't really understand why he'd get so much hate just for rapping about what's on his mind but then again, he gets a lot of love for it too. For sure one of the best rappers of all time and will only develop further as more albums release as he has 2000+ unreleased songs.

  10. used to be my favourite rappers in like 2018-2019, but i feel like i grew out of his music and i don’t really listen anymore

  11. I get what ur saying, that’s how I am with x. X’s messages and purpose separation him from everyone else in my opinion.

  12. Had so much potential but sadly never had the chance to grow! He put in that work though and I respect his work ethic! They could be releasing his songs for a decade and not run out!

  13. it’s so shitty how expressing your opinion gets you downvoted to hell, and even shittier that there are sub reddits that won’t allow you to join unless you have a certain amount of karma 🤦‍♂️

  14. To be fair I love juices music and most of his unreleased stuff but people always like to compare x and juice. I never understood why considering they were both very different artists who have considerably odd fanbases, but my heart goes to x Because he just spoke to me on all levels within his music and his personality.

  15. Great artist but I hate how x and juice are constantly compared like I love them both quit tryna make me pick sides😭

  16. after x passed i started listening to a lot of juice, especially DRFL when it dropped, and now they’re both gone, he was super talented.

  17. When the most reflective thought you can come up with is "it's overrated" it makes me think you're repeating an opinion you've heard, or you just want to be quirky.

  18. Not even close wtf. X was able to rap. Juice no. And you probably gonna say his freestyle was good but he didn’t raps once in it. Only kids like mumble rappers like that

  19. Rest in Peace ; not a fan though, his energy, messages and outlook around drug usage just didn't speak to me at all. He is a genius and a hard worker though and I respect his ability to turn out art day after day, he will be missed.

  20. He had a pretty nice jawline...other than that I didn't really listen to him but recently I have and it's unfortunate we lost someone who was pretty good with his craft.

  21. I am a juice fan first, Uzi second, X third. He did DRFL and WOD in a day each. From the ages of 19-21 (when he died), he decided 2000-3000 songs (800 leaked, 120 released), he freestyled EVER SINGLE SONG except Lucid Dreams. If we look back upon this era of rap in 20 years, he will be the pac, biggie and nas rolled into one. He could switch from freestyling slow emo rap, to cloud to trap to hype seamlessly. One of the 🐐s. 999 forever…

  22. Great artist. Lyrically I feel he was underappreciated sometimes. GBGR is a classic and he has some great songs on his other projects with some great feature verses too.

  23. He needed help ALOT of help I thought in his when he talked about drugs I thought he was just using for rhyming but it was true it’s crazy how 1 can save millions but millions can’t save 1 but bro music was GOATED absolutely goated

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