These floppy-floppy Hardy Boys ripoffs may have the most punchable faces in all of wrasslin. Everything I hate about new age wrestling and 2022 wrapped up into one annoying ass package

  1. I like the good ole days of wrestling. When the circus came to town and a strong man would have a match against a plant in the crowd for a $100 prize in a grapling contest. Then they'd shoot on the smallest guy in the crowd.

  2. I will agree they have very punchable faces but I don't really understand the rest. As much as I don't care for them I've never gotten a Hardy Boys ripoff vibe from them and in the new age of wrestling which is the current time they are very good skill wise. If you don't like new age wrestling watch NWA or something with a more old school feel. I'm not q super high fly fan but it's still good in doses so I watch a bunch of different styles and company's. Gives me the opportunity to not watch a part of one if I don't like it.

  3. I don’t have issue with the bucks, I like them more than I dislike them if that makes sense, but in all fairness to op, the very first time I saw the young bucks on roh probably like 2013 was my introduction, my first thoughts were “Ahh this is the next gen Hardy boys”

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