So great that all Shield members are champions right now 👍

  1. 3 things certain in life: Death, taxes, & AJ Styles raging after losing to Seth Rollins in a video game.

  2. Belts aren’t anything. Undertaker, Kane and Christian for example all have far fewer championship wins than their talent and impact on the business would suggest, at least IMO.

  3. You could tell how upset AJ was after his loss. Raged like crazy, sure, but then he just sat there and brooded for the rest if the video. You’ll get it my dude!

  4. Is if just me, or does the white trim on the up up down down belt make it look like a really bad photoshop at first glance?

  5. They’ve completely misused Rollins. As they always do 3/4 of their best performers/top guys. It’s gonna be Roman for years. They even gave him a vacation while he’s champ. He’s a full time part timer. Insanity.

  6. Shame that Mox isn't actually a champion, but it is nice they gave him that replica belt to carry around representing his #1 contender position while CM Punk does his Brock Lesnar impression.

  7. Funny how Roman has TWO legit championships, Mox is a backup champion, and Rollins doesn't need to actually wrestle to have his championship.

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