Do you think tobacco/cigarettes should be illegal instead of cannabis/marijuana?

  1. None of them should be illegal. People should be able to do what they want with their bodies as long as no one else is being harmed.

  2. Yeah, I don’t think any substance should be criminalized, that only makes the problem worse. Instead, offer rehab.

  3. Except that other people are harmed by cigarette smoke. And the damage smoke does to home interiors is atrocious. I helped my aunt clean her house after she had to quit smoking due to COPD and the entire interior of her house was almost brown from all the smoke and tar. After spraying cleaner on it, the tar was running down in brown rivers. It was absolutely disgusting.

  4. The thing is people harm themselves and the people around them by smoking. Second hand smoke inhalation is very real and can cause cancer. I agree that people should be able to do what they want as long as no one is harmed, but this is not the case for smoking

  5. As a UK citizen, I 100% disagree. Our TAX pays for the NHS, so innocent people end up paying for people who abuse their bodies endlessly just because they don't care. I would argue that both should be illegal.

  6. I mean cigs do affect people around them, second hand smoking is really bad. My dad was (is?) a heavy smoker so I probably got some of my breathing issues from him

  7. none of them should be illegal, also lets just take a step back here and remember that smoking anything is bad for you. People think cause its a joint that means its you are still burning plant matter and are still inhaling carbon. Its bad to smoke anything. But either way if you want to smoke and you're an adult you should be able to do it.

  8. Weed is legal in Arizona lol. There is nothing wrong with someone enjoying a cigarette as long as they know the long term repercussions. How is it any different from alcohol or energy drinks

  9. Do you get to choose if people smoke near you though? Smoking and being exposed to second hand smoke isn't really safe for people. This is coming from someone who is sensitive to cigarettes btw and I despise cigarettes.

  10. Making things illegal just feeds money to the black market and potentially makes the product less safe for consumers.

  11. I, as a smoker, think that attitudes towards smoking are drastically changing , and the increasing taxation and public attitudes are clearly phasing it out. I am very vocal about increasing restrictions. I am however also a smoker for 25 years. Quitting is not really in the cards for me, because (as many people don't realise) a side effect of tobacco withdrawal is depression, and it makes me suicidal. I almost killed myself the last time I tried to quit. Neither should be illegal, but I applaud the increasing taxation and, frankly, shunning, of smoking as a practice. I don't want other people to fall into it.

  12. I'd say yes because then maybe I could quit this damn habit. Weed should be legal regardless. It's a cash cow and we're not milking it.

  13. Big reason they don't want it legalized, especially for medicinal uses and cause it would cut off BIG OIL AND PHARM. The globalist big scheme is to withhold all the good things that NATURE has given us and give us synthetic and modified products that are man made to kill us instead of curing us and this planet.

  14. No, because cigs were already legal for so many years, and still are, and people are smoking them because they're addicted.

  15. Smoking causes secondhand issues to those around you, cannabis does not, therefore the arguments that it’s your body is invalid for cigarettes

  16. Assuming I can’t change anything else about how we do things, weed should stay illegal. It’s dangerous to operate motor vehicles under the influence, and for most it shows a steep decline in cognitive capabilities which could severely impact an individual trying to advance themselves in life be it an adult or child. Yes these impacts are temporary, and “not necessarily shown in everyone”, but generally speaking you can’t deny it.

  17. I think yes but mostly for public use. Cause at my work everyone smoke in the parking lot outside and the wind blows it everywhere. Everyone in the area gets second hand smoke cause one person decide to. I go by the entrance and there’s just people there and the draft ends up sucking in the smoke inside and i just can’t breath and have to speed walk out of there to avoid it. What also makes no sense to me is that first they aren’t even smoking in the designated smoking area on the other side of the building. And second my job thought it was a bright idea to put the designated smoking area right next to the propane tanks so i guess it’s good no one smokes there.

  18. The campaign against smoking was wildly successful up until the vapen was popularized & we were too slow on banning the flavored ones. Both tobacco and cannabis should 100% be legal and regulated.

  19. Cigarettes don't even really do anything for you. You don't smoke cigarettes to get high, you smoke them to stave off withdrawal symptoms. People start smoking to seem "cool", not because they have some pleasant effect like marijuana.

  20. I think if we're going to make any of these things illegal, weed, cigarettes, alcohol, whatever, it should be selling them that's illegal, not possessing or using them. Criminalizing substance abuse does no good. You don't see the FDA putting people in jail for consuming unsafe food or drugs, right? They prevent those things by making it illegal to sell them.

  21. Both should be highly limited and regulated. I would rather have both being illegal but people should be free to put whatever they want in their bodies.

  22. I wouldn't make them illegal, I'd put a price cap on them so they are too cheap for megacorpos to be interested. Like $1 for a kilo of tobacco.

  23. It should be illegal to smoke in public, don't make others inhale what you wanna do. In private settings everything can just be legal

  24. Make both legal and illegal use alcohol. Alcohol is responsible for so much more in regards to other people. Never did a guy crash a car because of a smoke

  25. The use of tobacco by cigarette companies to exploit people for money is the problem, not the use of the substance itself. For example, many peoples used tobacco for recreational, cultural, and ritual purposes long before corporate oligarchs started shoving nicotine in a roll and selling them to kids.

  26. I mean both are harmful, but I feel like marijuana impairs your judgement a bit more, and though both are used this way, weed is more often used as a crutch for anxiety ridden individuals who proudly proclaim it as a "magical cure all gifted to us by mother nature..." That really helps them and would help anyone else if they tried it, but they just can't seem to sleep without it, think clearly without it, destress without it, or manage their anxiety without it, etc, etc.

  27. allowed but under regulation, I don't want people putting nasty filler materials in cig and weed. and weed would have the rules of acahol and smoking combined. no driving and no smoking around kids etc

  28. Unpopular opinion, but i hate the smell of both. Disgusting. Carts and edibles exist for weed, so I'd legalize that since they dont smell like smoking does. If you chew tobacco or something go nuts. I would just ban smoking specorically if this is an assumed absolute dictatorship where our will is enforced.

  29. No. I think both should be legal but if I had to choose one, I’d choose Marijuana as illegal. I’m not saying it’s worse, but imo, it could be really bad for a very big portion of people. I’ve know too many people with severe mental issues that started with Marijuana

  30. No, pohibition only worsens the problem. In fact i think tabaco was ilegal for a while, but unregulated cigarretes were absolute murder machines. So they made them legal to be able to regulate them into less deadly cancer cilinders.

  31. None of them should be illegal. In my opinion no drugs should be illegal. People still use them and making them legal keeps them safe, allows people to seek treatment and takes money away from criminals who only want make a profit

  32. If you make cigarettes illegal, by the same standard should you make both Marijuana and alcohol illegal. Can't pick and choose, it's either all or none.

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