WYR be forced to travel 200 years in the past or future with nothing but the clothes on your back and the knowledge that you currently have?

  1. I'd be terrified to go to 2022 2222 because of the climate change we're already experiencing now. I'd have to cross my fingers that things have gotten better and I can buy more than a loaf of bread with what I have in my bank account.

  2. Yeah 1822, if I’m still in the AREA I’m currently in (Southern California) as a Mexican, things weren’t TERRIBLE comparatively, but they weren’t great

  3. I just realized that when time travel is invented in the far future, current discrimination and stuff means those with your skin tone will probably not want to time travel to now either

  4. Like past would be cool but it's not far enough back so instead some random dude from 200 years ago will randomly appear in the future

  5. The past would literally be cooler. You really want to see what a superheated Earth looks like in 200 years?

  6. If it isn't rebuilt, there might be some technology to put you in stasis, then an Aperture Science Reintegration Associate will revive you for an interview when society has been rebuilt.

  7. Future. Either human civilization is destroyed in which event I can just off myself, or it’s a super technologically advanced spacefaring society.

  8. Straight White dude here, you could not pay me to go back to the 1800's, fuck that noise ill take my chances in the post apocalypse

  9. If you went back in time your bacteria would likely kill anyone you met, if you went forward you'd likely die of future bacteria Although maybe they'd have a cure by then

  10. Also, there’s viruses that used to be common but are really rare or eradicated now. For example we don’t vaccinate against smallpox anymore for people born after the 70s since there’s no chance of getting it. I imagine I would just get smallpox and die in 1822

  11. We have a cholera epidemic in the Philippines during 1822 and we are still colonized by the Spaniards so I am going to the FUTURE!

  12. Hmm....can I find out ahead of time what the future is like at all? Like do I just show up in the same place 200 years in the future? Cause I'm near the coast of florida and I expect I'll be fairly off the coast as the sea level would probably have gone up a lot. Also the US is kinda heading toward civil war and I'm not sure I'd want to be there....like could I pick that I show up in New Zealand or something where I can reasonably expect there to be less conflict having happened?

  13. No, you cannot know what the future is like and you can only time travel to the very spot in which you are standing/sitting right now.

  14. Past has way too many diseases and poor sanitation and medicine. The future would look cool before my lack of job and knowledge fucks me over.

  15. Your ancestors survived those past diseases because they built up immunity to them which was passed down to you

  16. Do you want to live with the medicine of 1821? Yeah, I'll stick with the better improved medicine.

  17. 1822 huh. A decade to get my shit together and buy up mining claims around Sacramento and the valley. I'll take it.

  18. Does “clothes on my back” include what’s in my pockets and hands? If so I’ll go back, I have the entirety of english Wikipedia, us patent archives going back to the start and a bunch of engineering and chemistry archives saved to my phone as well as a charger and a solar battery on me at all times for exactly this reason.

  19. Back in time, be ready for a really different present or none at all coz relativity and quantum physics are gonna be discovered a century early

  20. Max Weber, in 1917, wrote a text called "Science as a vocation", in which he delineated how, as Science began to know more and expand more and as industrialism began to facilitate urban life, humans began to understand less and less of the world around them, scientists and philosophers became specialized because now they couldn't live long enough to master multiple fields and workers became alienated by industrial production, confined to single tasks that made the whole of the product.

  21. I love history, but my black homosexual ass will be chillin in the future with the cyborgs, flying subway trains and the holographic meatloaf

  22. I have Type 1 Diabetes, and I feel like just maybe, maybe there is cure in the future, and certain death in the past

  23. as cool as seeing my city in the past might be... they would see me as a woman and they could find out im jewish and i dont want to fuck with that. i also dont want to fuck with them finding out im queer, but i dont know if they even cared about that. they probably did. also the past is fucking gross and food had to suck so bad dude, like refrigeration of any kind didnt even exist until the last decade or two of the 1800s and people were so much less hygenic, i would be miserable in every way possible.

  24. The only reason I say the past is because I could engineer something that would be a total breakthrough for them and figure I could live the rest of my life rich from there on out.

  25. Yeah I'm mexican. I heard mexican folks were lynched along with the black folks too here and there. So I choose future.

  26. In general I’d say jump forward, but since I live in New Orleans 200 years forward would probably leave me miles offshore.

  27. I live in the Midwestern US. If I get sent back 200 years I’m hundreds of miles from any somewhat safe civilization. I’m dying of exposure or something before I even see another human. Maybe if I’m lucky some Native Americans will find me and be peaceful.

  28. I feel like only white people would even consider going back and time.. at least that way you get to experience the American dream

  29. Past. With my knowledge in present which was not available 200 years back. I can release spoilers of the future. And I can do simple business and have the possibility of becoming a filthy millionaire or higher.

  30. Quality of life is going up over time even for poor people. 200 years ago even royalty didn't have it that good by comparison. Future 100%

  31. The future because literally nothing happend in the 1820s, Europe was poor and the industrial revolution has started so there was extreme pollution, nothing like today. Common people lived in poverty and African people were used as slaves.

  32. I was gonna say go to the past so I could live long enough to take Adolf hitlers bride instead. But sadly I'd be dead cuz living to 132 years old would be hard back then and that's when she was born. So I'd have to wait even longer.

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