Would you rather have $10MM now or a fully sustainable, 100 acre farm?

  1. Zero interest in living on a farm. One of my parents grew up on one, and I often visited my grandparents there as a child. I'll take my gigabit fiber, great restaurants, and many friends within easy biking distance.

  2. "You are not allowed to sell the farm or anything it produces" then what the fuck is the point of owning a farm?

  3. You can live off organic food with shelter too and not worry about survival and still do things on your own time, plus not having money at your disposal so you still have something to strive for and work on if you want more in life

  4. It’s fully sustainable meaning you and your family can live entirely off the farm. In a case where the economy tanks and our entire fiat currency system fails, I’d rather own a farm

  5. Even in the hypothetical societal collapse posed in the comments, I’d rather not have the farm. That would be a huge target for looters so a farm would be incredibly dangerous. I’d rather use the $10m to prep with supplies to let me live off the land. Guns, ammo, and a house with a well and solar(assuming the purchase of land limitation doesn’t include a house).

  6. I'll take the 10 million and invest it in some diversified companies based in different countries. Some in US some in China, Japan, and Scandinavia. And while I'm at it buy a few other citizenships and properties and just travel the world and enjoy life.

  7. Idk about dollars but £10m is fully sustainable. The average person in the UK burns through a total of around £3m from birth to death.

  8. Where I work that’s what we typically use for millions. I think M means 1,000 so 1,000 1,000’s or 1 million

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