1. World War 3 is now available in Open Beta. Although we strive to maintain a consistent and smooth gaming experience, you may encounter certain gameplay and technical issues while playing.

  2. Just get stuck at the fetching data after trying to initialize the interface. Says changename.user not authorized or something like that. Then goes to say, client authentication failure. User token has expired, you are not able to finish the authentication or whatever.

  3. Having problems accessing it. IT has issues loading player progression stuff so i can't even start the game.

  4. Your shitty launcher maxed out my upload bandwidth and fucked up the internet on my network all day. I wanted to download a game, not a torrent client. Uninstalled. Remove the shitty launcher or the game will die.

  5. Idiots are trying to squeeze every penny and not pay for their servers (SHITTY p2p download, lots of errors) and also they insisted on using this ugly pointless bloatware launcher and still chose P2P over something so convenient like STEAM DOWNLOAD. This game seemed to be like a better BF2042 but now it's just BF2042 but with even more critical bugs than the original.

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