LEAK: The FBI Has Infiltrated r/antiwork Subreddit

  1. Federal law enforcement going after white supremacist groups is currently the world's best example of the Spiderman pointing meme

  2. It's just like with Lucille Ball and MLK - anything that poses the potential to upset the status quo and bring about change they want to know about it.

  3. Imagine sitting there at your desk and your boss tells you to infiltrate a group that wants workers rights and you have to pretend like you aren't all about it too.

  4. They know their job is nonsense when they are told to bat an eye on actual white supremacists and spy at people that want better working conditions.

  5. Good..maybe they can take notes on how to make the American peoples lives better..I meant that’s essentially their job…

  6. Are we sure this isn't more like "Hey Johnson, what's the status on.... Wait, are you on antiwork?" "Oh, um, yeah. I just thought it would be a good idea to um, infiltrate. Just in case"

  7. I’m not terribly surprised the FBI has infiltrated antiwork (they would be bad at their jobs if they had not. Assume they are in every political subreddit), I was not expecting to see Laurelai Bailey reappear.

  8. I'm antiwork to my core, no psyop will persuade me lmao. I'm literally at work now, ON REDDIT. fuck the system, fuck the crooked cops, fuck the class war, fuck systemic racism, fuck all of it.

  9. The FBI did this years ago especially since the Novel substance bots were launched to hunt for keywords similar to googles bots that weave the internet together for google searches.

  10. I think some agents get bored, go to their favorite online hang outs, and then claim that they have "infiltrated" it. Maybe even write reports on online drama.

  11. I’m not surprised. The original purpose of police in the north was to squash labor movements. This hasn’t changed.

  12. Not surprising --- When is the last time there was talk of general strikes and real social movement? We are drowning stories of shitty bosses with no call for collective action.

  13. Lol this is a straight up disruption pysop that you fell for. I want you to take 30 second to think it through and really ask yourself some critical questions. When you see something as obviously bullshit as this never just take it on good faith.

  14. Anyone actually look at the article? I clicked on a few of the leaks and they went to some anon site and the file couldn’t be found. Absolutely I am sure the FBI has people following several subs but I’m not really seeing evidence here.

  15. Frankly, good. Before you get out the pitchforks hear me out: the FBI acts as a security apparatus (and yes enforcer of the status quo)

  16. The sub was explicitly anarchist until about 2 years ago. And has been getting more liberal. Bailey was an informant, not actually FBI. Also, Bailey was a rapist. Maybe you missed that part.

  17. Get more radical? What? I'm one of the mods that left last week because it has been deradicalized. It used to be an anarchist sub that was for the abolition of work- now it's just people whining that they have to go the office twice a month.

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