Wordpress just randomly started uploading my images a lot smaller, on the left is the same type of image ( mockup ) and on the right is newly added px is the same, I can't figure out any way of making it upload in full size. Any ideas?

  1. It only happens If I upload something from computer, even If I upload same images which look alright right now on Wordpress. This doesn't happen If I select previously uploaded images, this means that WordPress is resizing the photos or what. Theme update is not an option I checked.

  2. Check the image size settings. Make sure your theme does it right too, some have settings for images and such as well.

  3. everything is alright with an image. I upload the same images ( which are in full size on products ) and they get reduced in size somehow. Doesn't happen If I select previously uploaded images.

  4. hostgator, I know its pretty trash but for the start up it does the job. Though it was quite perfect until this weird bug

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