Lost every myth rank i had, all reset to 0. Bank SDUs and lost loot SDUs all gone. Left with only the loot on my back. Anybody know how to fix? Radio silence from support. 0 answers.

  1. i remember getting this in bl2. i farmed frosty whole day to have my pc blue screened to come back 10 levels behind and all my legendary class gone. it was a rough day. especially after googling about it and the very first response was to use backup before starting the game back up again. that message was just a second too late.

  2. I've only seen this happen to people with modded loot in the bank; they both fixed it by restoring an earlier (manual) backup save...and then never banked any mods ever again

  3. Same shit happened on XBSX to me when the first or second DLC got released. I quit then. Glad to see it’s still a fucking problem.🙄

  4. holy crap! I would just quit the game for real -_- I've had the lost loot/bank reset to 0 glitch a couple times, but luckily it only resets the SDUs to 0 and ya have to buy em back, if I lost my full bank, I'd rage quit for sure (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

  5. Happened to me with Payday 2. I was Infamy rank 8 and had 300ish hours in. I got a new computer and booted it up. Instead of pulling from cloud it started a new file and then overwrote my cloud save. Support was great and they did everything they could but there was no way to roll it back or bump me back up. Haven't touched the game save for helping friends who are new players.

  6. Is it not possible to download a previous save from the cloud ? I do frequently saves on my ps5 when I dublicate stuff anyway maybe this works ?

  7. Did you have any modded gear? Sell any modded loot for tons of money? This seems to happen a lot to people with modded gear in their bank

  8. Xbox series X. Im sure it was a cloud problem. It only impacted the portions of the game that share between characters. Bank SDU, banked inventory, lost loot SDU, myth ranks, all lost, and it keeps acting like i am a brand new player, welcoming me to the game and giving me tutorials.. The equipped items, achievements and story progress (I have completed every quest and side quest), levels (40) hero points, and my chaos ranks (20) all remained. The myth ranks hurt the worst though.

  9. man i think its time to retire the game. its honestly sad because it is a good bit of fun, but i wouldnt count on seeing your loot back ever.

  10. Its not the whole save. My player didn't get nuked. I have all the progress and all my chaos levels, just not my loot or myth ranks or bank SDUs. The gun SDUs are still here.

  11. Basically, the only answer to fix this is to restore your old profile save file. Either from a cloud save or from an external drive. But if those options are not available to you, then it ends there.

  12. Same thing happened to me months ago. Then the story mode was fucked op and I couldn’t save my progress when I restarted. It’s funny because Wonderlands was such a “huge success” for them but anyone who’s played the game a fair amount has lost a lot of faith in the devs. It’s a cool consort but the game was released premature. It’s been months and it looks it’s still bugged to fuck

  13. I never even completed the game because my entire inventory got wiped. Happened on the last part of the game and I couldn't be bothered playing anymore after that in spite of actually having enjoyed the game up until that point.

  14. I also quit playing this game but for me it was because I inexplicably lost about 8 hours of progress. I had all the collectables done and was on chaos 6 or 7. I logged in one day and was not where I had logged off... curious. Checked my progress and I didn't have the CRIT bonus, or the extra luck... Chaos level was at 2. I'm not redoing all that.

  15. This just happened to me in Borderlands 3. My bank items and all keys I had are gone. I’ve dealt with 2k support and Ill never do it again. That was my experience with them.

  16. Thats why I'm happy I play on a laptop and a desktop. I've lost my character multiple times. And 2k support page doesn't work either

  17. No fix except getting someone else’s save online. I lost my CC lvl 50 character to a cloud error too. Haven’t played the game since. Sorry mate.

  18. Is there anything you’d want to help get part of it back? I love the game and enjoy farming stuff, if I could help in any way, I know it really really sucks

  19. That is very generous of you. I was actually trying to farm up the gear for umaroth's frost-shivver, which i had read about recently. It is probably moot though, because without the myth ranks and the bonus damage(s) / movement speed that comes with the ranks, ill be getting hammered pretty easily.

  20. Everything you described is located in your "profile" file in your game folder. If your on PC, you could check if you have a back up. Probably not though. This usually only happens when your trying to mod and don't know what your doing. You can download someone else's profile that's shared it online though. Just Google it.

  21. Yeah. Console - Xbox x. Im boned. No help from "support " who haven't supported anything but their own asses in their chairs as they refuse to help.

  22. You’re profile save got clapped, this is why you backup your save kids… unless you’re not on pc in which case …L Bozo. You can cop one of the hundreds profile saves on the internet and mod back any hear you rlly miss.

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