An open letter to Gearbox Software

  1. Still love the irony that wonderlands basically spawned from how good the dlc was in two, then preceded to get arguably the worst dlc in borderlands history.

  2. I love this game but the lack of end game entertainment has sent me back to the former black eye of the series, the pre-sequel, and I gotta say I think I’m enjoying it more. I want to do something that’s not the bunnies.

  3. I think wonderlands is supposed to be viewed at the same way pre sequel was. More of a spin off smaller game. Doesn’t change the fact I still had to pay 100 dollars for the season pass but I feel like that’s how gearbox looked at it. Doubt they’re going to add anything else at this point

  4. Even pre sequel had claptastic voyage and that ish was fantastic. Ur point is fair but i offer u that haha

  5. At least give us NG+ already. I can't fathom why this wasn't included originally or by now.

  6. Paid 140$ for the game and the season pass. Took me a whole weekend to finish the story. Chaos chamber are absolutely boring and only try the first dlc. This is by far my worst purchase ever

  7. Exactly the same dude, chaos chambers was shite and the mirrors was like a slap in the face, then the lack of added dlc after paying so much for the best edition, left a grotty taste in my mouth

  8. Yep, this is the game that has finally put me off of pre orders and blind season pass purchases. This game was so fun at launch, and then they just rammed us with those bullshit dlc's.

  9. While I agree with most of what you've said, the matchmaking and multiplayer functionality is awful. It can take very long to find a somewhat decent party, often joining a finished game. Hosts will be afk or the chaos level doesn't match. Some will grief by closing the server before players can redeem their loot. Oh, and the CTDs and bugs that still have not been fixed...

  10. Match making is a hard problem to solve. The game has a limited population so finding a game can often come down to availability. That's not something that can be directly fixed.

  11. Since day 1 I still haven't been able to connect with any of my friends no matter what I do and no matter what gearbox support says, we all get "connection timed out" when we try and connect with each other. The fact that people still have issues with the games system that were around on day 1 is disgusting

  12. Are you in different countries, trying to play together? Try having someone use a VPN so it "looks" like you're local. I (US, console) couldn't connect with a friend (NZ, PC) in BL3 until they installed a VPN, then everything worked fine. We had a couple different errors before we tried that, and connection timeout was one of them.

  13. Full price game 80$+. Took me and my buddy maybe the better part of a day to beat the story. The "game" is chaos chamber, which got boring by day 2. I feel cheated on this one. The game just feels like a big demo. The overworld is a joke. One of the first things that got me excited was building the ship, only for it to be blown up. I was convinced there would be some kind of exploration/whacky vehicles....nope. I have been a huge fan of the BL games, but after this I doubt I'd to ever buy another BL title. Wonderlands could have been a bl3 dlc and I would question nothing.

  14. I absolutely do not miss vehicles, personally. They always killed my flow and the combat in them was never satisfying to me.

  15. So don't get me wrong, all the dlc was a complete rip-off. But honestly to expect more from a sequel made from a dlc is some pretty high expectations (expectations that the whole community had myself included). I feel like the game would have been better with out any dlc, compared to the dlc we got. but what do I know I got the ultimate edition for like $65 on sale and only played one mirror. But I guess if I look at what I paid for the dlc it was worth the ($5-$15 dollars) money for the blightcaller class.

  16. Agreed. I feel exactly this way. I realized the gimmick about3/4 through the story and lost all desire to finish playing. I’ve preordered each game since 2 and this is going to break the streak for me.

  17. Based on thte positives and negatives you mentioned, I would say Wonderlands is the new TPS. Both are excellent in terms of gameplay and mechanics, but players have some reason or another to dislike them.

  18. I had no idea Battleborn was a gearbox game. I played the heck out of it and loved it (until we struggled to match anymore).

  19. I also like many bought the game beat it found all dice and reached top level then quit game. It just made me want to play bl3 so it definitely did it’s job of making me want to play bl again for hours and hours just wish tiny had more to do

  20. First off, right? Battleborne was sick. I loved it. Broke my heart when I had nobody to play with. It hit all the right notes for me.

  21. Saying that a company needs to add 3 additional classes on top of redesigning everything is a bit much and a massive amount of work. Even if 1000 people got together and said they would purchase it if these items were met, the cost of doing so still isn’t worth it. They have already got their money and moved on.

  22. I've been saying since very early on how bad build diversity is, and most of my replies would be something along the lines of "omg there are 20+ class combos this is the most build diverse borderlands game yet."

  23. Question for y'all. Can any of you develop a game remotely during the most severe pandemic this world has seen in about a century? I'm honestly so disappointed in this fan base. I see some of you that make me more ashamed than I am of Rick and Morty fans.

  24. As someone who plays split screen it's just maddening that all the issues we learned to live with from 3 are still present or worse.

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