At 64 years old, my life goals are simple.

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  2. We also love other critters as well. But yes, cats are very special. Maybe it's a past life thing when we were all chilling in ancient Egypt.

  3. I think it has a lot to do with their aloof attitudes. They don’t need us. They can take us or leave us; it will be on their terms if a bond is formed. So when a close bond is formed from a somewhat picky or particular animal, we revere them. I cannot recall where but I’ve heard cats being referred to as “emotionally un-shallow”. You have to really treat them well to earn their trust and affection; something we all want for ourselves, and we also relate to them in that way.

  4. I love your hair 😍 This is what I wanna do, when I'm completely grey/white. I have dark hair and it hates dying. Even when it's done professionally, it will just break and look sad. So I decided to stop that and just wait until later. Maybe color is fine, when I don't need bleaching 🤭

  5. Totally understand about the bleaching. I hate it myself. Not only is it drying, it wreaks havoc on the scalp, especially when going platinum, which I did a couple of times. So no more bleach for me.

  6. I suddenly wish to visit you, bringing you homemade cookies and images of my cats. You give the vibe that you make amazing cocktails and coffee, you own at least three cats, and like to spend time playing board games with family. You have the same vibes as my grandma and I love it.

  7. Speaking of cocktails, gotta love me some good Casamigos Reposado. My daughter is a lead bartender and craft cocktail specialist in Austin, so it runs in the family.

  8. Shit. Didn't realize doubling my age could also double my coolness! Looking forward to it (should the planet remain habitable for humans)

  9. I genuinely hope I will be like you one day. I mean I love cats and dye my hair purple so I guess I just need the shirt. 😂 I love everything about this.

  10. I’m growing my hair out after shaving my head 2 years ago during that first summer of Covid. Anyway, it’s growing out with a ton of gray and I actually love it! I hope it gets more gray. Your hair is fabulous!

  11. I’ve buzzed my hair to 1/4” a couple of times. There have been times when I’ve considered doing it again, but whenever I chopped my hair off, I would have dreams that I still had long hair.

  12. I've seen fruit, but it was on the main tree at the other side of the fence. What's in my yard are shoots from the main tree.

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