Topless woman evicted from Berlin pool sues state for discrimination

  1. She's so cool! That's exactly what I think about this matter. Why can men go topless and women can't? Doesn't make any sense.

  2. I remember being 4 years old and it was a hot summer and I wanted to play outside in the hose. I had a brother who was 13 and he was constantly not wearing a shirt and I got so upset because my mom told me no that I had to wear a shirt because it's different for me. I cried and she filled up a 5 gallon bucket with water and I stood in that and she let me play in that on our porch shirtless because she didn't want me in the yard where the neighbors could see.

  3. That last line about men not being able to curtail their own urges, that right there is the problem we are having all around the world. From weman having to cover themselves up, to not being allowed to go certain places, to being blamed for being the target of assaults, all because so many men can't control or are ashamed of their own urges. I find these types of men pathetic and small minded. I just wish people could treat others as people and not what ever label they put on them.

  4. I know a trans man who has severe top dysphoria... but only when in public or around new people. He can't stand the idea that any part of him is seen as sexual by default.

  5. There’s the issue too of just having to control our bodies, even when we’re covered up. The burkini incidents in France, for example. If it bothers you but isn’t hurting anyone, look the fuck away.

  6. German here! She isn’t the first to sue over this and in the last couple of years several states and cities have specifically allowed topless bathing. It seems a little bit surreal though, given the fact that 20 years ago, topless bathing was still more or less completely normal and may be a sign that the German attitude towards nudity is getting more and more conservative. Another example for this is the fact that more and more saunas allow people to go inside wearing bathing shorts, because they’re less comfortable with the traditional mixed-sexed, everyone’s nude approach of German saunas. Also they are more and more women‘s only saunas because the saunas became more sexualised. My mom for this reason started going to a women‘s only Sauna after having been regularly to the mixed-sex saunas for decades.

  7. I‘m German and I had a discussion about that with a few men online because theres a pool in Göttingen that allows topless women on weekends now. Their argument was that it‘s unsafe for women because men could take pictures, sexualize them or even sexually harras them and they want to protect women from that. It made me speechless that they were so aware of the problem but their conclusion was to discriminate women.

  8. Yes, especially in the east - where Berlin is located. I'm genuinely shocked by this. Being topless at the lake, pool or beach used to be completely normal. We even went skinny dipping in mixed-gender groups and no one cared. But those times are over, it seems.

  9. Yes. I was also surprised when it was in the news because any lake we go to (we live in Berlin in the south) you see oodles of naked people. Also in most public pools women are tanning topless. I am guessing the problem here was that someone complained and the pool was stupid enough to follow up on the complaint.

  10. There was an incident in Göttingen last year where a non-binary afab person refused to cover their breasts. It was big in the media and after that more and more cities started allowing topless swimming. I think women should be allowed topless everywhere where it is accepted for men.

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