A womb is a powerful weapon

  1. I fully support your Satanist quiverfull clan, and I imagine there are plenty of childfree "aunts" here who would be happy to help contribute to their education.

  2. If the Republicans keep getting their way, WIC and welfare will be on the chopping block. They will unironically say "If you can't afford to feed them, don't have them."

  3. Love the spirit, but I think this is exactly what they want. More bodies to shove into prisons. They’re running out of cheap labor. They don’t want workers to have enough resources and strength to lobby to raise the minimum wage, demand lives focused on more than just survival. I am sure that welfare and WIC will be next on the long list. These attacks target people with low income.

  4. This. Why would anyone want to deprive their children of the ability to read? Deliberately bringing people into this world with the idea they'll be "dirty and horrible"?

  5. This is a version of Shameless isn’t it. You never have to worry about your credit score if you are never going to use it. I mean is the hospital getting paid? Who cares?

  6. “I will ruin many children’s lives by not raising them we’ll just to prove a point”. I get what point you are trying to make but in real life that’s a form of abuse.

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