Gifted this- what should I do with it

  1. If you feel uncomfortable using it in your magical practice, use it outside to keep mosquitoes away. It is a magical plant. It is meant to be used. You are not doing their rituals so you are not culturally appropriating anything. Their biggest issue is it being poached in mass quantities off of their lands, which is taking away from them and destroying their environment. When you buy it, buy it from an indigenous source, from someone who grows it themselves or grow your own. If you look at past posts about this subject, the indigenous redditors will say it is okay to use. It is the “white knighters” who will tell you not to.

  2. Indigenous person here. It's fine to usd, it was gifted to you and it is, like many plants, for your use. Use it. I'd say if you want to continue to use it like the commenter recommended, buy it from an indigenous source and even ask them what you can use it for without appropriating anything. Best of luck!

  3. This is the best reply! Cultural appropriation is when you take something of somebody else’s and use it for profit and obviously buying it from other sources should be considered unethical. If it were gifted to you I’m sure it was done with the best of intentions and you aren’t hurting anybody simply by using it.

  4. Unless you’re indigenous you probably shouldn’t be giving “just do it” advice on indigenous practices.

  5. Keep it as a symbol of love & protection on your altar, hang it above your front door for protection & cleansing, or you can even give it back to the Earth. I keep heartfelt gifts as symbols of love & protection. 💞

  6. The actual ritual of smudging and all that goes with that is considered “closed”. But burning herbs will never be a closed practice. Be mindful of how it is sourced. Be respectful in how you use it in your own practice. The practice of burning herbs is found in nearly every faith path. No one owns sage. 🌱

  7. Do what you want with it! The person who gifted it to you presumably sought to bless you with it. Be blessed! I don't know any First Nations person who would feel it disempowering to them for you to use a gift from the earth. I may be speaking out of turn, but I am an Australian Indigenous person and would be honoured to share traditions with others. ✌️

  8. It's an herb... Use it for smoke cleansing or just hang it somewhere as a decoration. All cultures have some form of smoke cleansing using various plants native to that area. In the US sage is an easily obtainable/growable plant that has been used for millennia. Yes there are certain uses for it that require proper teaching to do it correctly, and respectfully but just burning it to cleanse away negative energy is general practice. White sage has its problems with big commercial corporations reaping large amounts of wild stock as well as not adequately compensating growers for the profits they reap in sales, this was/is an inevitable problem. I personally will only stock sage in my supplies after making sure my sellers are sourcing it ethically if not growing it themselves.

  9. It looks like California white sage and I can’t tell if that is dried lavender flower tied on to it or something else, but it should be fine to burn and use for cleansing. I’d take the the stone off as it burns down nearer to the tumble though. You can use a abalone shell or a bowl to extinguish it between uses. I used to grow various sages and make smudge sticks and small torches for friends and family and would add lavender sprigs, rosemary, juniper or various other cleansing plants to it for more attractive aesthetic and the additional benefits and sometimes add on a small selenite stick and a crystal of some sort. It’s your present so up to you what to do with it, but it’s fine to use in your practice as already said.

  10. As a non indigenous person, I think the best advice I can give is to NOT LISTEN to anyone in the comments who is NOT INDIGENOUS. You want to listen to the voices of the community, not people outside it. I can technically explain what to do, and why you shouldn’t use it, but it’s really not my place to do so.

  11. If it was gifted I think it's okay to use, to honour it without wasting it, or you could gift it again if you dont feel comfortable using it! I was always told that it was alright to use if it was gifted. That said idk if that's just something white people say to make it "okay" :/

  12. I learned from an indigenous friend that your only every use gifted sage bundles. You dont buy for yourself. You gift and get gifted

  13. So I too, have a similar question. Please enlighten me on a less harmful alternative, as I do not wish to upset or disrespect anyone at all. What should be used for cleansing as a non-indigenous person? Thanks so much and be blessed!

  14. I heard this from an indigenous creator, though if someone indigenous chimes in here that should be taken over what I'm saying. But I've heard that it's specifically white sage that shouldn't be used, and other forms of sage are fine for the most part( a few exceptions, so just make sure the specific sage you'll use isn't part of a closed practice).

  15. Since it seems there’s a lot of apologists for cultural appropriation in these comments, I’ll add another perspective: Your instinct to give it back to the earth is likely to be your best bet. I certainly wouldn’t use it, as burning white sage is a closed practice and may invite unwanted and disgruntled energy when not used appropriately.

  16. I'd recommend OP trusts their intuition here. If it says no, then no. I'm indigenous and use white sage to cleanse but always with intention, allowing the ancestors to guide me and help. If there's one thing the Elders taught me that still stuck with me is if your first thought is a strong no then it's probably best to go with no.

  17. Burning white sage is not a closed practice. Smudging rituals are a closed practice. Native Americans do not own sage. Their smudging ritual belongs to them, however, and involves far more than burning white sage.

  18. Hi, I use of this is within my practice, by all means do use it if you aren't too uncomfortable about it. If you want like, directions I'm more then happy to oblige. Its bad to use it appropriativley, but it'd also be a waste to toss it because you feel as though your impeding on smthn. If you want to feel a bit better, do a small prayer to the spirit of the sage, a quick please and thank you type of prayer should suffice. Edit: bit note, using white sage is like using bleach or fire to clean smthn. If you feel it's too strong for whatever working, use another herb. I wouldn't you to us it and it ends up effecting another working.

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