What are the different entities witches work with?

  1. Lots, is the short answer. When I lived on the Eastern side of the country, my connections with elementals was primary. Meanwhile, my partner has a long term connection with a patron, Cernunnos, regardless of regional living.

  2. Chaos witch here; I work with whoever I need to, that isn’t overly dangerous. Very early attempting to build a relationship with Freyja, though.

  3. "I heard of one witch working with angels, which I thought was interesting and I'm guessing unique."

  4. I'm Slavic and work with Flins Mokos Stribog Hors Perun Weles. I'm just talking with them and they teach me new things

  5. Could you give some more details to understand better As I m hindu..and new in witch and magic. Want to learn witch ...

  6. Every culture has it's own spirits and traditions, the different types of spirits people work with differ depending on where they are, what their practice is, and what their culture is.

  7. There are so many different practices and cultures which truly makes it easier to answer which entities they dont work with. Chances are if it exists, someone claims it, someone works with it.

  8. I work with the elemental spirits and my spirit helpers (who I believe to be a mixture of ancestral helping spirits and other spirit guides who’ve introduced themselves to me in my journey work). I’m not Wiccan or part of any organized spiritual practice; just an eclectic solitary witch.

  9. Right now as far as my Daoist beliefs are concerned, I work with Sun Wukong as the patron deity. As far as Shinto, I work with Amaterasu, Saratuhiko, and Ame No Uzumi. I don't know if you could call me a witch or pagan or anything, but I basically work with Asian deities. I also work with Gautama Buddha, Kwan Yin, and Hotel.

  10. I'm an Appalachian & Catholic folk witch (not a part of the church and I do not follow any dogmas just for clarification). I regularly work with/venerate/pray to my ancestors, saints, Angels (particularly Archangel Michael & my Guardian Angel), Mother Mary & the Trinity. I also have a familiar spirit & have worked with/currently work with/venerated plant spirits local land spirits & hearth spirits.

  11. It varies hugely, there's tons of them. You can also work with Deities. Theres so many different things. Dragosn even, demons. But it isn't always as literal as one might believe, some like myself believe that entities are just manifestations of different symbols, traits and collectives and not necessarily a physical entity. Like, Gaia represents the earth, mother nature, but I don't think she is her own entity up in the sky, it's more like she is the earth itself, and maybe the consciousness or representation of if the earth was an entity. A way of worshipping that power and love, and the earth itself.

  12. I'm just a basic eclectic witch bitch who works with my ancestors(tho they're really quiet), spirit guide and a norse deity, Freyja. Looking to start another deity work relationship.

  13. Other commenters have covered things pretty well so I will add that Wiccans work with elementals. Other witches do not. Wicca is a type of practice but is not representative of all witchcraft

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