Cumulative Updates: October 8th, 2019

  1. Oh if only it were true. Downloaded update, it resolved my print issue, but Edge has now failed and any amount of sfc dims checking apps and restorehealth has made no difference at all.

  2. When they say this, they usually mean bugs that were introduced as part of the new stuff they added in the update. Apple does it as well with their beta software.

  3. If they make an ISO for enterprise then I'd expect it in December/January. This whole April/September....I mean, May/October....JK, I meant June/November rollout schedule is getting old

  4. If it works like 1903, it’ll be in the “download and install now” tab whenever it’s rolling out and people can either pick their time or wait until they’re picked.

  5. Let's see if it fixes the following problem with SearchUI.exe crashing at startup and leaving me with no Search in Start Menu or Settings...

  6. As Microsoft have stated, there is no search bug. It must be something to do with your configuration that is causing the issue. I’m not having any issues with search.

  7. I'm seeing some reports that several printer problems have been fixed with this update (er, set of cumulative updates and IE cumulative update). I'd sure like to get more confirmation.

  8. You mean like the WiFi doesn't detects the printers even if the WiFi light of such is on?..I have an HP ENVY 4508 and might have the light blinking many times until it stays fixed, but when trying to scan it won't detect the scanner, but it will print... WTH?!..

  9. After upgrading Dell workstations in my environment to 1903, I noticed that system would display the white globe quite frequently. After upgrading Realtek, Intel Wi-Fi drivers the issue has gone away. Hope this helps you out.

  10. update does not break the start menu. there is no telling what you have inherited or modified in your build to cause this to happen. we have 3000+ computers on 1903 and not one has this issue from Oct 3 or Oct 8 update. Maybe we're lucky, or maybe people like to blame Microsoft for something the end user screwed up.

  11. Same here. I got the blue screen of death load 3 times that failed to install the update. I could not get into safe mode. My computer did not have a restoration point and I restore a point once a month. I could not retrieve my files before doing a full system restore. The list goes on...

  12. My 1903 updated once again by itself today for the quality updates(even if it should not be possible). Since then I have had 4 blue screens regarding high memory usage issue or CPU heat issue, or so the log says.

  13. The temperature is not strange at all with the new scheduler. If you have +10C while idle, it's because windows is prioritizing the most performing CCX while the rest are in low power state until required. This way you have less latency, but the heat is more concentrated.

  14. My PC is fucked. Just keep going back to the blue screen. It says it doesn't recognize WUSA as a command, can't use the Uninstall Updates screen (just restarts the computer with no fix), can't even boot in Safe Mode (again, just restarts). Any ideas?

  15. Seems a little low-key since we got some updates last Thursday/Friday too? But then again, we’ve had the most turmoil from any 1903 updates over the last week, so...

  16. Those were out-of-band (or C/D, I can't remember) updates, so they get rolled up into the CU for people who didn't get them. I think most months have those, but they're usually less...eventful.

  17. Hi guys..its my first post on reddit and what i would like is someone to help me with an issue on my pc. After updating to the 1903 i have experienced an issue with my mouse cursor. It started when i tried to load any page on my browser and when gaming (Football Manager 2019). The cursor at some points just jumps or skips. Dont know cpu spikes or any spike of any kind. i kind of fixed it when i updated some drivers on device manager but then another cumulative update came a week ago and the issue started again. i reinstalled windows to the 1903 build and nothing changed. Can someone please help? is this issue caused caused from the updates? has anyone else experienced the same issue? Thanks.

  18. It sounds like you have mouse acceleration or enhanced pointer precision enabled in your mouse properties. You could also have display pointer trails enabled. Examine your mouse properties and make sure these are both unchecked, hopefully that'll help.

  19. I started having the same issue but worse. I can't uninstall drivers, sound is fck and seems video drivers are not working properly, 5700xt. Safe mode is broken too, restart gives an error, driver power state failure, after 30min of waiting ... I tried a lot of things, different gpu same issue.

  20. Addresses an issue with applications and printer drivers that utilize the Windows JavaScript engine (jscript.dll) for processing print jobs.

  21. The new update breaks all UWP apps, Settings, Start Menu and Search when using Font Substitutes meaning they don't work at all and trow Event ID 1000 Application Error with Faulting module name: Windows.UI.Xaml.dll

  22. I've downloaded the Oct 24th KB355 update 3 times already, every time on start up it won't stick and asks me to download the update. Why are you like this, Microsoft?

  23. In one of my PCs installed KB4517389 for 1903 and after the required reboot I get a BSOD for "Page fault in nonpaged area". After some automatic reboots and automatic repairs it eventually uninstalls the update and windows is usable again. Tried two times same thing. Paused updates.

  24. I couldn't take it anymore, I switched all of my computers to linux mint except one laptop for my check scanner. I had to nope the f out. Oh and last windows update broke the check scanner so I had to lock that computer out from updates, YAY...

  25. Hey guys I accidentally misclicked delete disgnostic data about my device in privacy section of settings.. how important is it and is it a good idea to do that?

  26. It doesn't hurt anything at all. If your system is still configured to report telemetry data, it'll keep sending future data without change. The diagnostic data isn't needed for anything on your device though, it's just for Microsoft to do research.

  27. Hey Liqueseous, do you know which KB is the fix for this? I just want to make sure it gets out asap.

  28. So my mouse is now randomly unclicking and then clicking to compensate for the unclicking. Im using my mosue perfectly fine on my laptop which I have not updated, sometimes left clicks are registering late aswell. Dragging windows is a nightmare, it just randomly clicks content inside them as i drag.(I am aware of the Windows + Arrow keys but this does not help when I am working inside of an app)

  29. Got several bluescreens in a row. When windows was finally working it puts a load on the cpu so its 70+ degrees c idle when its usually ~38 idle. And task mngr does not show anything that uses cpu.. uninstalling to check if it's the updates fault... but most likely..

  30. I got the blue screens in a row. Some registry files were missing and I could not get into safe mode. I was locked out. I had to do the full system restore. Unreliable piece of shit OS making me consider getting a Macbook

  31. What have I done wrong. I disabled windows update service and also delayed updates for the 7 days since I read about the problems....just now the machine decided to reboot and is running some miracle it started repairing....three times then said undoing updates and I was able to post this.

  32. KB4517389 made my search icon and audio icon unresponsive. I had to uninstall it. I haven't made any changes to my registry to cause this either.

  33. My laptop had an update today and now I can't start up anymore... Last update can't be removed either due to an error. I'm running chkdsk right now, see if anything van be found there... I tried system recovery, which did not work. I tried booting in WRE, which gave the same error. I just can't boot into Windows anymore!

  34. My taskbar doesn't work and I can't get audio to come from my speakers or headphones. Also settings crashes instantly, windows key gives me a critical error and I can't open skype. Is there anyway for me to get back to windows 10 before I installed this update? It's a pain in the ass.

  35. I was originally looking for solutions, since kb4517389 has failed to install on my laptop, but looking at the reactions...

  36. YES, it won't install for me either. Gets to about 30% before it says it's failed and it's undoing the changes. Do you think this is Microsoft's way of saving us from it? LOL

  37. Currently crying because my Dell Venue Pro 11 wont turn on after the latest windows update... fun times

  38. After get update the mail and calendar is unfunctional. And Drivers is corrupted no sound. Said invalid files. And the lan intel ethernet gigabit network. I cannot reinstall said damage or not found. Version of windows is 1903 build 18362.418 This moments i cannot enter the configuration, windows update. Help

  39. This latest big update messed up a bunch of my programs that had saved logins, and now I have to track down passwords I may or may not have...

  40. Anyone here that got the latest update and their computer went to shit? Mine did... Lost thousands of data.

  41. Windows keeps updating and screwing up my drivers for my AMD chipset and GPU and audio chipset etc. Is there a way to stop this? I only want to manually update my drivers. Using drivers that have been officially verified by Asus and are on the support page for my motherboard. Crosshair VI Extreme.

  42. I usually put it at the bottom, since people ask about it, but tried putting it at the top this time

  43. Is anyone else having any problems with entire user profiles being deleted after installing this update?

  44. Stuck to 1803 Enterprise trying to iron out all issues with 1903 first before deploying to all workstations. Network Issues, Start Menu, Search to name a few.

  45. I just upgraded to 1809. 1 year is nearly not enough testing by the general public nowadays, but I can't really do much more than that...

  46. 805 was the first build.  806 is an updated version released a few hours later with the following note:

  47. How do I get rid of the little icon on my taskbar asking me to update now? It's red and clicking on it brings me to windows update and it says that I don't have to update anymore. And I was just done installing the update.

  48. There is also a bug that fucks up internet i have, my internet worked fine before i updated my computer, now i cant access discord, steam, and search stuff on google

  49. The May 2019 update contains some code optimizations for AMD cpu's the produce modest performance improvements. That said, the bugs introduced since them have been BAD.

  50. Thanks to this update I only get the automatic repair screen. Before, it was just a bunch of bsod. Microsoft gave my perfectly functional windows install the bad AIDS.

  51. I dunno if the problem is from the listed ones. I was finally forced to get this morning, but I am a latvian, i need my special characters like ē, ī ģ ā, etc. the way i'm used to doing this, is alt-gr+a for example. But now, for some unknown, unreasonable reason that i can't seem to solve on my own. When i want to use the special L character, no character is entered, and if i press it again, the godforsaken screen goes into lock mode. Help?

  52. Installing these updates manually from the catalog sequentially from Build 18362.295 finally solved mine issue with the "taskband" ( User Pinned\TaskBar ) no drop menu, no notification, misbehaving search, settings and general slow performance ( thread stuck ) etc, etc of KB4517389 ( 18362.418 ).

  53. They had me done with this one. I almost was getting preached by the time I reached here. What, they're gonna replace OEM with REM?

  54. Microsoft really needs to put their sh*t together and stop rushing some useless features and rather give 2 or 3 months on those minor bugs (because there's a million of them and not just minor...) and optimize Windows 10.

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