Why is there a dirt bike in the kitchen? I mean living room. I mean bedroom.

  1. Dude smashed the bong.. the beer.. the TV and the X-Box. He was definitely voted out of the house after that one.

  2. My mother has a nice house on a golf course. She's a sweet Southern lady who goes to church etc. When my brother returned from being stationed in Korea he was sleeping on her couch and she let me roll the rear tire of my sport bike with full race exhaust into the kitchen to wake his ass up and give him a welcome home hug. I loved her for that.

  3. Typical housing for my generation. Just one big room that houses half a dozen people and serves as living room, kitchen and bathroom

  4. Ceiling tiles, tile floors, cabinets in the background with no appliances, looks like a dry bar in a basement. Parents probably used to have a pool table downstairs where they're sitting now.

  5. You mean why is there a kitchen in the bedroom in the living room in the garage of a shithole?

  6. We once looked at a house in Utah. It was a great location/price/size. The owners were still living in the house when we went to look.

  7. Back in my day everyone just was blue, bought a blue house and had a blue corvette or something like that… blue seems much better then trash house and trash corvette…

  8. Funny that the term curb stomp doesn't appear in the movie at all, it just became the term for it somehow and now it's so widely used, a lot of people probably don't know where it comes from

  9. Everyone knows that dirt bikes belong in the kitchen. I say this because I actually had an uncle that had one in his kitchen for over 3 months during the winter while he was rebuilding it.

  10. They’re probably in a college apartment. I work custodial at the college and the stories I hear from people who clean those apartments.. we had an incident like this in many rooms. Really screws up the carpet

  11. It's called a bedsit ( single room apartment ) single dads and students used to live in them in the 90's, this one appears to also function as a trap house

  12. That’s way too clean for a trap house and also that’s an expensive bike… these are just Frat boys

  13. Some people live like animals and have no respect for a rental property. This is terrible and all these people are garbage.

  14. Imagine how dumb they would have felt if they knocked the TV over, just by bumping it while walking. That would have been silly.

  15. looks like the tv and furniture landed directly on top of his head. The lesson learned here is that you should always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle, regardless if it’s outside or inside

  16. I can’t go to bed unless I wash the dishes and kitchen is clean and tidy for breakfast tomorrow morning! That house would have me freaked

  17. I suspect we'll be seeing members of this "household" repeatedly in these kinds of subs, until one of them 'advances' into NSFL-territory.

  18. I was gonna be like why is it on, but why is it in there in the first. I think I read or heard where bikes release carbon monoxide ? I think even while it’s off. It could just be specific bikes. Any bike/atv people know?

  19. Buyer: So why are you selling your dirt bike? Seller: So i was doing a burnout in the living room it got away from me smashed a dresser and knocked my moms 65" Tv off breaking it. Now I have to replace the TV, dresser and the flooring i ruined...

  20. I think the real issue here is the girl who’s all, “here, let my put the top of my hand while loosely holding my phone under here to catch it”.

  21. Imagine what their bathroom looks like. Brown floors, black toilet rim, loads of pubes all around the base of the toilet, facial hair all over the sink and faucet, toothpaste all over the mirror, no hand towel, no soap, grime and calcium EVERYWHERE. I used to just pee outside of those houses

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