putting out fire with a fursuit on

  1. That suit is probably made from polyester which makes it highly flammable, don't wear plastic clothing guys

  2. Meh, wearing polyester clothing is fine, being unaware of the flammability of your clothing is the actual issue. Most people aren't in danger of being in fire most of the time.

  3. It is. They got new paws and did this to get rid of the old ones. Its kinda shameful and upsetting to see them ruin stuff like that even if it's just for show.

  4. The most cheap for an average fursuit is around $1000, so unless they got hella money that's gonna be hard to replace

  5. The second shot was from an angle you couldn't see the suit, only the hands. Guess they just burned a pair of old handpaws or broken ones for it

  6. I feel like you all are a bit dense. It cuts to the hands and they're slapping pretty freely so I'd assume they're not even in the suit when they're hitting the fire...

  7. For fuck's sake, this isn't a stupid prize because this was intentional comedy for the video. Wrong sub.

  8. Since a lot of people are asking if this is fake or not, it is fake. SHe was making this video to celebrate getting new improved paws for his suit (and eventualy a new better suit in all) and she put them on the end of two sticks to film it, and post the joke as a send off for them.

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