Man taunts lion and loses a finger

  1. Not sure why he didn’t just relax. No way it’s slipping out with that bite force, so it’s either gone, or hope the kitty gets bored and let’s go when you relax.

  2. It also looked like an absolutely avoidable way to lose a finger. Dude fucked around and found out.

  3. No shit, eh? My South African friend told me about an American couple who visited there and went on safari but was attacked by a lion and one of them died. The survivor and co wanted the lion euthanized for being dangerous, but the SA officials just laughed at them, like, "well yeah, it's a lion".

  4. Yeah, degloved. Good god bro. That dude will never make that mistake again. The lion got a taste of human though. Someone else is going to look appetizing soon if this video was recent

  5. Like my dad always said, “mess with the lion, lose a finger” or something like that. Maybe it was a bull and a horn. I forget.

  6. I mean, look where that poor thing is stuck. I don't think the people there care for him at all. He's just a money-making show animal.

  7. That lion was already being "punished" for not being entertaining enough. It definitely is going to get treated a hell of a lot worse for the rest of its life unless it goes to a more reputable place.

  8. Poor lion- getting taunted by the guy. Good thing he got a finger out of the deal. Would have been a shame for him to put up with that stupid human for free.

  9. Shock? Disbelief? From other comments it seems this guy works there as a tour guide and he was attempting to show off to guests. Wouldn't be far off for someone's indernal dialogue to be "wow that was crazy, when is he going to turn around and tell me we almost fell for his prank?"

  10. I like that nobody helped him. Cameraman panned over to show us that a bunch of other people were also standing there with their phones recording this, and even when he started putting his foot on the cage and pulling, nobody did anything. With the added context of him being a zookeeper, it's possible that they figured they weren't allowed, or that he knew what he was doing and that this was just part of the show or something, but I really prefer to think that every one of those people was just thinking, "he was asking for this, and the lion deserves that finger."

  11. Given the the incident and the type of cage I’m guessing this lion is not getting appropriate care. Gettem, lion. Gettem good.

  12. So hard to watch but good for that lion. Probably going to torture it now for that tho... I hate this world

  13. Reminded me of the idiot missionary who fucked with some lions and found out and was stuck hanging while being mauled.

  14. Of all the posts on this sub that get "wHy DiDnT tHeY hElP iNsTeAd Of FiLmInG????" responses, this one is definitely the dumbest.

  15. “Holy shit this is going to make a great video,” says everyone filming. Nobody helping him… not sure what they would do anyway.

  16. I don’t like gore at all, but I watched this to the end because I like consequences of fucking with animals.

  17. i wonder if the damage would have been as bad had he not engaged in a tug o war with the lion. i’ve seen videos of guys 3x bigger than that guy lose at that.

  18. I cant imagine the best course of action there was to pull as hard as you could, but then again Idk what else you'd do

  19. That poor lion. Lions are the only non-solitary big cats so seeing it in a horrible enclosure and most likely alone is even more depressing. Fuck that dude and everyone like him.

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