Winter overnight solo in Lassen Volcanic NP

  1. This is a great underrated park! I loved my time there. I didn’t know much about it before I showed up, but it really was beautiful.

  2. I agree, greatly underrated. Any areas of the park you recommend? This was in the ridge lakes/sulfur works area.

  3. On that last pic are you saying you can see the Sierra from Lassen? Cos Lassen is in the southernmost Cascades. I don’t recall seeing the Sierra from there but will pay better attention next time I go, if so!

  4. Lassen is the end of the Cascades. Looking south you can see the Sierras. That being said it's not an obvious change looking out over the mountains.

  5. I thought Lassen was in the northern sierras, not southern cascades. Someone pointed this out to me already.

  6. I was plenty comfortable but i became increasingly paranoid about an avalanche as I laid down for the night lol. I thought about that ahead of time and picked my camp in a safe place but it was hard to get it out of my head and get to sleep. Once I was out I slept fine.

  7. Awesome man, that inspiring. Moving to the area soon and hoping to do something similar this winter. How far was the route? Since it’s np I’m guessing no fires still?

  8. t was pretty quick route, a little over 2 miles into the backcountry, 1300 ft in elevation. You’re right, no fires. They are especially cautious in Lassen since about half the park was devastated by wildfires recently, which is still closed as the forest recovers.

  9. Nice, looks like you had great weather. Anything that you learned on the trip? I did my first snowshoe overnight earlier this year and had a blast!

  10. Weather was perfect after a week of snowfall. I learned I need more water proof boots, and more socks. The constant snow coverage and melting definitely got through to my feet. They were frozen solid when I woke up. They are great boots, but didn’t hold up in these conditions. Everything else held up pretty well.

  11. Very cool! My first job was working at nearby Camp Fleischmann, a scout camp located between downtown Chester and Juniper Lake off Feather River drive. Between the views of Lassen Peak and Lake Almanor, you can’t get much more beautiful than this area.

  12. I also did a solo trip in Lassen for a few days. It was amazing. I probably saw 10 times more deer than I did people. I'd set up camp, go inside my tent and organize a few things, unzip and see like 4 deer just grazing within 30 yards of me. Highly underrated park. I also went during the cold but it was only in terms of temperatures and there was no precipitation yet.

  13. While this trip was only an overnighter, in the past I’ve found that park rangers are a huge help with planning longer stays in the back country. You can call the ranger station ahead of time and they will help you out with your level of experience, what you want to see, what you’re equipped for, etc. I will look at a topo map beforehand and get an idea of what I want to do, then call the ranger station and get advice on wether or not it makes sense.

  14. This is dope op. Winter camping is awesome esp if your going boarding. Nothing like being deep out in nowhere with people not around. Just curious though, please tell me you are aware avalanches exist and can happen. Looking at the 3rd pic, looks like a terrain trap and u can see a previous small avalanche

  15. Where did you camp/stay while at Lassen? Trying to plan a June trip, but not having much luck finding open campgrounds/backcountry…:(

  16. I stayed at the ridge lakes area, in the south west section of the park. In the winter it was pretty much free game for camp spots. I think they had walk up availability for back country permits year round tho, am I wrong?

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