Solo Snowshoe Overnight in February | Mt. Hood Wilderness

  1. All you need now is ice axe and crampons to summit Mt. Hood! Nice backpack. I have a HyperLite Ice 4400 for winter mountaineering in the cascades!

  2. well when you’re using hikes to get YouTube points then the drone is necessary to get those sick geotagged shotttzzzzzz yo

  3. I got a tent question. I've been hesitant about camping in the snow because my tent is not free standing (lunar solo). Did you feel like it was pretty secure using tent pegs in the snow? I've done it at the coast in sand, but that was a major pain.

  4. The snow I was in was pretty hard so it really wasn't an issue. But I still think you could probably come pack the snow if it's powdery or even if it's slushy. After this trip I found out that you actually use the stakes in a different way in the snow typically a dead man anchor. I did it the normal way and they're with small MSR mini groundhogs and it was okay. It probably would have been better to do dead man anchor though especially if any wind came up.

  5. I and the drone were outside the wilderness when it was in operation. The only time it was in the wilderness area was when it was in my backback. Thanks for your concern!

  6. The fact that the twin lakes themselves were excluded from the wilderness boundary by 100' does not excuse the use of flying your dumb noisy drone all around and adjacent to the statutory wilderness. You're giving other idiots the wrong idea.

  7. The drone was carried thru a wilderness, but not flown or operated in one. I'm more than willing to be wrong. From the maps I looked at the lakes are NOT within the wilderness area.

  8. Amazing. Seriously some of the best content I’ve ever seen. Please keep making more videos. I hope more people keep finding your channel buddy!

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