Mt. Hood Wilderness a few weeks ago

  1. When your body is aching and you just want to sit down, nothing beats finally getting camp setup. Bonus if you're snow camping and can build a trench in the vestibule, it becomes the perfect bench to sit at and cook dinner.

  2. looks awesome! what were the temperatures like? don’t know if i would be able to camp in the snow, i’d be too cold! any tips?

  3. It got down to maybe the mid-20's so not too bad and there was no wind. Two biggest things for me was having plenty of warm clothes especially good down jacket and sleeping bag, and making sure to drink enough water. My body always plays a trick on me when it's cold and doesn't tell me I'm thirsty as much as I am. Make sure you drink plenty and have the equipment to melt snow for water. Otherwise it was a blast!

  4. Thanks, still feel like I need to tweak some things, but in general I've been pretty happy with it. Honestly I love that pack so much. I've been able to reduce the weight of a lot of my equipment which helps, but even when it's loaded it's so comfortable which makes the trips a lot more enjoyable.

  5. I actually bought it used a couple years ago from someone, it was only lightly used though. I fear the day that I need to replace it.

  6. Whats your sleep system setup? I'm moving to Oregon soon and currently have a kelty cosmic 20 degree bag with a liner and an insulated pad, wanting to do some winter camping but unsure if its sufficient enough.

  7. If you've got a down jacket and some heavyweight pants you'd probably be fine snow camping, depending on the weather of course. Here's all the gear I took:

  8. I've had them out three times I think and they've worked well so far. I'll probably need another season on them before I can pick out the things I don't like.

  9. I slept at upper twin 02/18. Hiked in with a headlamp and total solitude. The moon was incredible. I didn’t need snowshoes until I got to the lake. Hiked out the next morning after breakfast.

  10. I saw a decent amount of people and tracks coming from frog lake that looked like micro spikes. It seemed pretty compacted and fine without snowshoes. I went thru several other areas on the loop I did where I definitely needed them though.

  11. i think i have that same tent, its from tarptent for 1.5 people, right? but i forgot the name.. are you happy with it so far/do you have any thoughts on it? i love it a lot but im also eyeing the anjan from hilleberg..

  12. My tent is a Durston X-mid 2p. I like it a lot. I love the being able to pitch just the rain fly and also being able to pitch the fly and inner dry for when it's rainy. Excellent tent IMHO.

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