America is run by oligarchs

  1. Time to remember Labor Day is not about BBQs. It’s about the Haymarket Riot and Pullman strike. I hope it doesn’t get this dark again…but if we haven’t learned from history, it has a way of repeating.

  2. For real. People seem to have forgotten that strikes are the polite, least destructive, alternative for these types of disputes.

  3. Well put. I depend VERY directly on rail workers for the inventory I sell (trucks and SUVs). I am scared of a strike. But I absolutely support a strike if that's what it takes. I supported these reasonable improvements before I met a couple of rail workers (who are now customers). Hearing their stories only reinforced my support. It's obscene that it is even necessary for them to ask, let alone demand or even strike for.

  4. Lucy Parsons - “What I want is for every greasy grimy tramp to arm himself with a knife or a gun and stationing himself at the doorways of the rich shoot or stab them as they come out.”

  5. And the fact that the government took away their power to strike in the only time it will matter in the lifetime is deplorable. This is the first time in 50 years where all the big railroad contracts were ending at the same time and the only time they will have that amount of leverage and the government just made them eat a bag of dicks....specifically the Senate Republicans.

  6. When I read that 207 Republicans voted against this, my first thought was what the fuck is their actual problem? Like how can you hate other human beings so much so that you deny them even a crumb of decency or comfort? These people in office are fucking evil.

  7. Congress should stay out of this one and all other union demands. We allow the right to form worker’s unions for a reason. This should be solved between the workers, union bosses, and railway executives.

  8. When they tell you it’s the land of democracy, the land of freedom, the richest nation on earth, the land of opportunity, the land of equality, they are only trying to sell you something. As far as first-world countries go, America is a sad joke.

  9. Because working people are brainwashed by right-wing media into voting for Republicans who then proceed to fuck them in the ass.

  10. As a physician, I’ve never had a job with any benefits. I don’t even have health insurance. I’m a freaking physician working full time. I’ve worked for 3 different companies-never had any PTO, sick days, insurance, etc. I’m currently working sick. I worked while having a miscarriage. Things need to change for everyone.

  11. I don't really even understand why what they're asking for isn't something everyone is just like, "oh yeah. Oh shit. Of course you can take sick days. Why didn't we think of that? We're buffoons. Take 10 days, because it's important to not spread disease."

  12. The few years before the pandemic, the railroads were laying off shitloads of employees and moving more into the oppressive scheduling they're using now. When you operate a skeleton crew in critical infrastructure, a call out or two can severely interrupt operation.

  13. The argument from the rail companies is that they are raising wages in lieu of giving PTO, and justifying it by saying workers can go on disability in as little as 4 days.

  14. I’m just waiting for the media to frame it as the rail workers “demanding unreasonable accommodations” if/when they strike. Then we will have all the morons who buy all of it without a second thought, complaining about how the rail workers are holding the American people hostage, when the reality is that the CEOs could have EASILY given them what they want. These assholes wouldn’t even see a difference in their ridiculously luxurious standard of living but they insist on fucking over the workers anyways. Capitalism is trash and we need to show those in power who is ACTUALLY important to the economy. It’s not the CEOs.

  15. During quarentine: "well now people will handle being sick more seriously and workplaces will give rest" Present day: "huh...we're still not doing that I guess"

  16. I think no one is talking about PSR. what it is the reason why they don’t want to give the workers the time off.

  17. To be fair they work every day of the year. Just because they aren't in session doesn't mean they aren't working. If your representative and senator aren't working during recess then you should vote them the hell out. They should be meeting with constituents, raising campaign funds, helping activists, visiting agencies/foreign governments, and actually writing legislation.

  18. Honestly I would not complain one bit, whatever impact this has on daily life, if the rail workers don’t strike…I would be shocked.

  19. Biden should be on TV tonight immediately with an address to the nation explaining that the railworkers aren't getting sick leave because of the Republican votes. Instead he is high fiving Pete Buttigieg and cheering about avoiding an economic crisis. Bad messaging as usual and it will play wonderfully on Fox news.

  20. It would be pretty damn funny if congress just said “so, we all voted to nationalize uh, all of you. So either take whatever contract the workers give you, or lose it all”

  21. Because the rail company refuses to put it in the contract lol. That's what this whole thing is about. The union is demanding better working conditions and the company is refusing to budge. The workers threaten to strike, and the government is telling them they can't, that it won't be a legal strike.

  22. There are a few articles about to detail why, but pretty much the railroads do not want to give the workers more ability to be off arbitrarily because it adds a level of uncertainty to their scheduling that they can't accommodate because they can't/aren't hiring enough people to do the work.

  23. All I've learned from this strike is apparently most people get paid sick days and I don't even get sick days as a paramedic.

  24. Because the greedsters in the human race know they can endlessly exploit the workers who love to help or love their job so much. Teachers, EMT, pilots etc.

  25. I think about 1/5 of workers don't get any paid sick time, which is bullshit in and of itself. In a high money industry like rail, it's spectacularly egregious. $10 billion to stock buybacks, no problem. Sick leave for people who are basically on call all the time, big problem.

  26. The United States is the only wealthy country to have no national sick leave. Out of all countries it's one of like 10 IIRC

  27. Railway consolidation really hurt the unions allowing almost all rail cargo to be carried by only a couple major carriers. Almost impossible for the economy to sustain a strike with virtually no alternative to route cargo. It's crazy & we shouldn't of even been in this position. Break up the near rail duopoly

  28. I work with the rail roads. They’re absolute shit. They can literally do whatever they want, and the best I could do was “plz don’t? No? Ok. Thanks anyway” cuz I couldn’t just move the rc somewhere else :/ or send it a different way

  29. Doesn't matter what regular people want if the donor base speaks up they can have any legislation that benefits the American people, killed

  30. Does anyone have a link to that video that showed how elected officials vote less for what the people want and more for what big donors want? I saw it a couple months ago on either

  31. What about what the actual workers wanted? Way I'm reading it is that the House told the workers to sit down, shut the fuck up and take what was offered.

  32. It's almost like elections have consequences and having a pretty close to 50 50split means reactionaries who want the working class to suffer wins

  33. I hope they strike. This is ridiculous. You can't schedule your sick time a month in advance. They have the power, they should use it. It'll force The Senate to pass it overnight. I'm so pissed that Biden agreed with Republicans with this one on pushing it through. If you have the choice to screw over CEOs who get paid millions and for sure get 2 weeks+ of sick time over union workers who do a vital job, how are you gonna side with the corporate fat cats who've cut 30% of the workforce in the last few years while continuing to add to their workload?!

  34. Neoliberals are just rebublicans with social agreements (gay marriage, abortion, etc.) they still vote for the oligarchs everytime

  35. I feel the same. Forcing a deal reeks of Ronald Reagan and the railworkers deserve better. Their working conditions are bullshit. Neoliberals trying to force this is unethical and wrong.

  36. The only caveat to add is that a strike would be terrible for an already hurting economy. I absolutely agree with the workers, and they 100% deserve 7 sick days per year. The issue becomes republicans not voting for it because it included the sick days, a strike happens and republicans leverage it to gain more power. There’s already a good portion of the US that blames him for our current inflation.

  37. 207 Republicans voted against it... Due to the filibuster that is why it didn't pass. Republicans also high fived each other when they shot down a healthcare bill for 9/11 first responders that are now suffering major health problems due to all the dust and debri they breathed at ground zero.

  38. Absolutely wonderful when a political party deliberately sabotages the economy in hopes it will make the other party look bad. Perfect system we have here...

  39. The Stimulus bill. Remember the first round of payments, how it actually helped!? Then these out of touch politicians on both sides realized how badly they fucked up and halved the amount in the second round. But of course they jumped on making the PPP shit and gifted away billions of dollars to other oligarchs. in other words, the wealthy got a dollar while the people got a dime.

  40. Pretty sure he's just a Republican in disguise. Like that one Fox News lady who (unsurprisingly) declared she will be switching to the Republican party after only ever talking shit about the Dems who she supposedly supported.

  41. It appears the wealthy are choosing to stop paying fair wages and deny a reasonable expectation of enjoying a normal life. All the worker "slaves" should recognize that by now.

  42. Apparently executives in other industries have been pretty open on financial calls about the strike not happening because they got together and lobbied Biden to fuck over the workers.

  43. Forced work isn’t freedom. Call it something else, be honest; say it with ya chest. But don’t fucking call it FREEDOM.

  44. How about no paid sick leave for Congress until the railroad employees get it? Scratch that, all US employees. Has Congress forgotten that their purpose for existing is to SERVE the people, not RULE the people?

  45. I’m confused… I though it passed. But not by majority of 60. So no paid sick leave. I am all In for shutting down railroads on all Republican states that voted against it.

  46. I can't wait to see the shit storm this will cause, all because these greedy morons refuse to give the workers 7 measly days of PTO.

  47. Like someone else said in this thread it is the perfect con to blame the democrats for either a rail worker strike or a tanked economy because they quit. All they care about is to leverage this against the dems in 2024 because their base is too fucking stupid to care that all but 6 republicans voted against this. It is such a fucking primitive clown show and the guys at the top are laughing their asses off.

  48. Thanks Goverment! l heard a FOX news anchor complaining about railroad strikes possibly causing holiday gifts not being delivered and almost blaming it on the workers. There’s a simple solution, listen to your god damn workers.

  49. Wildcat strike, let’s support our fellow comrades in our collective battle against the tyrannical capitalists. Stand in solidarity with those in your class, remember they’re trying to divide us and fight eachother.

  50. I’m speaking with my union rep tomorrow (grocery) and I’m planning on going to 3 other stores to see what their stances are

  51. This is the conundrum with private business. You, as a worker, have the ability to unionize. But it has become increasingly difficult over the past decades.

  52. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but we're the only modernized country without government-mandated sick leave for all workers. Definitely the only one I'm aware of.

  53. It’s funny that republicans voted against bc some feel that congress shouldn’t force company to a corner…..where was that energy with banks and auto company when they got bailed out? Lol

  54. When does the time come where we stand and fight? Stop crying about injustice, its like half of you are content to watch the world burn as long as you can sit back and go "I told you so".

  55. The lack of representation of popular American ideas in Congress is a result of "choose one" voting and single seat representation, which collapses to a two party hostage situation.

  56. Thank you for not just saying "we need ranked choice" like 99% of posts on electoral change recently.

  57. The postal unions also have no-strike clauses. Numerous times I’ve asked my coworkers, “what are they gonna do if we strike? Fire all of us? They already can’t find people to do this job.”

  58. Democrats voted for it. Republicans would rather the economy tank just so they can blame Biden and scare people into voting for them. Republicans want power at all cost. Power for them and the billionaires that fund them.

  59. Dems and republicans also voted for the legislation that said “don’t strike keep working morons”, it didn’t need to come to this at all

  60. Good. Let them strike, when the economy looses 1 billion every day they'll have to make more concessions.

  61. While you aren't wrong, this has little to do with an oilgarchy and everything to do with politics and polarization. Republicans want the rail strike to happen to damage the economy, and in turn the Democrats. They aren't targeting the workers, they are using the workers as weapons against their political opponents.

  62. We are run by oligarchs who have been bought by the elite 1%. We are not in control. I hope the rail workers strike and bring the economy to a grinding halt.

  63. Of course. Here in Indiana, the Republican Party took over in 2011 and gerrymandered control of State House and Senate and governorship. They locked themselves in again last year, ignoring their own Independent Redistricting Commission. After 10 years in absolute control, they have a supermajority in both chambers of the legislature, both US Senate seats, and 7 Republicans and 2 Democrats in the US House.

  64. Why does it need 60? Why not a majority? I swear everything I learned in high school is a lie because I never know what the rules are

  65. This was a vote to end the debate and vote on the actual issue. It's the fillibuster. It's a legal loophole that allows the minority power to prevent legislation from being passed. Without 60 votes, the debate on the bill legally doesn't end and the actual bill cannot be voted on, that second vote is what only requires 51.

  66. Learn about citizens united. It hasn’t been a democracy for a while. Like no hyperbole, America is literally not a democracy. The sooner people understand it, the sooner they can assess how they want to make decisions what ever each individual chooses.

  67. Why is this decision being made by senators in the first place? Like why is the federal government weighing in on this?

  68. It's a win-win for the Republicans. They fuck over the rail workers and if there's a strike they'll blame Biden for any disruptions to the supply chain.

  69. I see alot of “THEY don’t care” and “THE SENATE doesn’t give a fuck” in the comments but let’s be specific and fair. Every democrat voted yes fit paid sick leave with one exception, Joe Manchin, of course. Who isn’t really a democrat anyway. All of the No votes were REPUBLICANS. It’s not “they”, ITS REPUBLICANS AS USUAL. THEY DONT GIVE AF ABOUT THE WORKING MAN. WAKE UP CONSERVATIVES.

  70. If 50% of Americans stopped voting for the party that openly favors protecting the rich at all costs, maybe we wouldn't be in this situation

  71. Yeah cause neither party can afford to lose their sponsors so instead of representing the people who voted them in they'll just let them wallow in squalor.

  72. Ngl, I fucking knew it was a democratic oligarchy. Truly the only overarching power is the fat people with white hair, knocking on deaths door, insane with dementia. Our country is awesome. God. Bless. America.

  73. Here are the senators who voted Thursday against giving rail workers paid sick leave. Forty-two are Republicans, and one is a Democrat.

  74. And when they go on strike and cause a supply chain issue, what's going to happen? Seriously, fuck this. Railroad workers deserve so much more. The basic dignity of sick days is the least they want. They work so hard. This country is fucked up.

  75. Some people doing mental gymnastics here to blame Democrats, but lets make it clear this is 100% on Republicans. They are the ones that voted against it.

  76. It’s a democracy, and in this democracy republicans are half the political spectrum. Rail workers, being blue collar, most likely sport Trump stickers on their Ford F-150s, so this, technically, is what they voted for. Slow clap for the blue collar folks who reliably vote against their own self-interests because some people have darker skin and like making whoopie with same sex partners.

  77. Y’all forgot that the Paid Sick Day leave was once used to negotiate higher salaries by the Unions, so they dug their own grave there and now blame Congress. On the other hand: that was probably a few decades ago and things changed quite a lot since then, so give them their paid sick days. Especially when you’re outside all day working a somewhat dangerous job.

  78. The world is run by oligarchs. The rest of us should take from the rich. The rail works are worth $2B per day if they strike but they are worth having sick leave? 😳🤯

  79. I don’t understand why the focus on Biden regarding this. Democrats all voted to give rail workers 7 days paid sick time. Republicans voted it down. What the fuck is the narrative here

  80. It's propaganda meant to confuse the issue. Republicans killed this bill but they still need to blame Democrats and keep the "both sides" rhetoric alive so people who voted Republican don't have to confront their conscience.

  81. They should crash the trains. If you wont spend the money for sick days, then you have to spend 10 times that to replace the equipment.

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